The Clearing-Prologue

The Clearing-Prologue

A Chapter by Larry Dyson

developing the plot and line of experience, characters -main set..


The Clearing- PROLOGUE

She was awakened "no, just roused from a deep sleep. Once returned from the conscious interlude , the dream manifested once again in her spirit. The dream of her Master in life,  and love and soul teachings.

Master Dracon , A Lord of the highest magnitude, Lord of Himself and one submissive, teacher and trainer of the mixed kind ,  the Fairie and the Wood Nymph and the Human woman , by your leave a transmodification of the most adaptable traits in each.

“Pleaser”was her name…as one bestows on  a prized pet or show animal. She had lost the memories of her younger Life in the reconditioning she endured at his Hand.

Sexual training at an age when “the mix” was formative…relentless experiences moving her genetic structure to imprint upon her psychic makeup a longing and need to be possessed and to belong to but One Man..One Lord.

In a land where dreams were the natural state of existence and the strong eroticism and attraction were a courtly common stance, everyday high courtly exchanges making Life what it was.

This planet being the second from the three suns, and the outer most orbital track around six moons of textural  iridescent colors and gases.

SO it  begins,  our story of “Out Worldly” exploits and journeys with the two main characters of “The Clearing”…yes the clearing of the …..“OldWays”.

© 2012 Larry Dyson

Author's Note

Larry Dyson
any suggestions on what you think of the prologue and setting.

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I like it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Larry Dyson

7 Years Ago

good read the rest yet?
So much draws me in here, especially the reference to dreams as a natural state of is my opinion that we should give more respect to our dreams. I am excited to read more.

Posted 8 Years Ago

A very strong introduction. You open many door for the reader to think about. You have my attention. I will keep reading.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I really like this...opening of realities..compartmentalisation of the mind.....returning to something felt...perceived but maybe not known why! The setting to me is ideal...this would make me want to know more love!
And I shall lol As I read on..
The training of thought...ancient realms....what is to come...
I would say this is a great setting and great prologue!
Reader is intrigued and finds this mystical:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like the setting, but I really don't like the main character. Hopeful you would giving a some edge to her, because everyone love a girl with a attitude. I hope you keep writing on this because I want to know what happened next.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Larry Dyson

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