Lament to the Lord

Lament to the Lord

A Poem by Andrew S. Loveland

A more winsome offering than my usual fare. Written many years ago, it still retains, for myself at least, a certain charm.




Dear Lord,


            I petition thee with heavy heart and hands,

               it troubles me to say;

            But it seems that in this wondrous order,

               I have no part left to play;

            Ne'er again in this universal theatre,

               shall I grace it's wooden stages;

            Ne'er again shall I write with these hands,

               across its empty pages.


            Which brings me without further waste,

               to the albatross in mind;

            The question of my widowed bride,

               that I pain to leave behind;

            I fear, in ignorance, that as I leave this plane,

               my memories shall be lost too;

            Those burning effigies of my one true love,

               that I would want for to see me through;

            Thus, I beg of you, if you please, one thing,

               to ease my journey through the hereafter;

            That I may carry those memories there with me,

               and just a pocketful of her sweet laughter.


            You'll note that I ask not for redemption,

               or forgiveness for this soul;

            For if you should grant me just these most peaceful of weapons,

               even the devil himself shall prove no more worthy a foe;


            And Lord, if in your wisdom, you should send me to Hell,

               I'll gladly burn forever;

            Happy with just the memories of the walks her and I walked,

               and the songs we two sang together.


© 2008 Andrew S. Loveland

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This is a beautiful prayer/poem! It speaks to me of a true love which surpasses death and any fear it may provoke. I really enjoyed reading this one, thanks for sharing it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Beautifully written and thought through. A thorough contemplation of love and selflessness. I quite enjoyed it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Sentiment , nay, love powerfiully and poignantly expressed, though in somewhat foolhardy terms - I hope the good Lord doesn't take you up on your declined redemption. You begin with the beautiful language of the St James version and the old Prayer Book - I call it 'second person antique'. So fine for expressing one's thoughts and so poetic. I applaud your choice of language, though I note you revert to you etc subsequently. A poem I enjoyed very much. Its rhythm and flow fitted its words perfectly.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Your writing is exceptional here. A shining example of a repenting yet humble heart. Words cannot describe this piece. Your words flow so beautifully and the usage is outstanding. I don't think He will send you to Hell for this honest submission to him. Nice work. Yes, nice work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on November 8, 2008


Andrew S. Loveland
Andrew S. Loveland

Dublin, Ireland

Andrew S. Loveland (15 Apr 1975) was born in Aberdeen, Scotland but raised in the village of Lhanbryde, in the heart of Speyside. Andrew currently resides in Dublin, Ireland where he balances working .. more..


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