A Story by Pretty_as_a_Poet

A real case of mistaken Identity that has haunted me ever since.


I looked up from my poem, anxious to see Sae’s Reaction to the poem I had just read.

“Girl, I could kiss you right now” He breathed

Heat crept across my cheeks in a brilliant flush of red, he had no clue how much I wanted that to happen.


“Thanks Sae, you’re the best”


He smiled at me leaning forward

Oh my gosh He’s going to kiss me! My mind screamed in excitement  

“So you two exited for the camp dance tonight?” A girl named Shalom asked coming up from behind us, ruining the moment. I didn’t know her that well, and neither did Sae, but she and her friends had been brown-nosing us ever since me and Sae had entered the Summer Camp’s Talent show, I had read one of my poems and Sae had danced. Sae was an amazing dancer, and no one knew that I was so good at poetry so I understood why people suddenly noticed us.


“Yeah, I guess” I said

Sae looked at the ground bashfully and Shalom continued to ask us questions


“Are you going with anyone?”

“No…” I said, “I don’t normally get asked to dances”


“Oh…”Shalom said surprised, some people have told me that I am really pretty, but I’ve never believed them. If I was so pretty, why then has no guy ever asked me out?


“Emily?” Sae asked



“I was wondering if…you…would go to the dance with me”

I studied him trying to see weather or not he was joking or not, and he looked away

“Just kidding” he squeaked in a small, shrill voice

And then he ran away from me.


“What the?” I asked startled, and hurt, I had hoped that he wasn’t joking


“Girl…go after him…I don’t think he’s joking” Shalom urged

Shrugging I ran after him

“Sae!” I called out after him

He turned around and immediately I felt butterflies in my stomach

“You know that I’d go to the dance with you if you weren’t joking…right?”

And then he ran again

I ran too, but in the opposite direction, tears welling up in my yes

Stopping only to pick up my notebook full of poetry I said to shalom “I will never, ever understand guys”


I spent most of the day in my cabin, writing in my notebook to blow off some steam. I really liked Sae, but it would seam like he’d never like me.


The dance came around and I didn’t feel like going, but I decided It would be best to go I borrowed a skirt from a friend and wore it overtop of my one piece bathing suit, because it was really frilly and feminine, and I didn’t have anything else to wear.

I spent an hour putting on my make up, and for once I felt pretty.


I walked into the dance, and I decided to sit with some of Sae’s friends, hoping that he’s sit with them too.


But then a camp leader told me to move, and to stay away from Sae, aperently he had issued and In-Camp restraining order.     


Crushed and Confused, I sat with some other friends and when the dance started, I made sure that I stayed as far away from Sae as possible.

As I left the dance, I heard Sae and his friends talking in the background, I knew that they were talking about me.


“Due what’s your problem? She’s hot.”

“I think she’s stalking me”


I could feel tears in my eyes again, what the hell was going on?

I followed my friends into the mess hall and when they asked me what was wrong…I couldn’t contain my story

“I don’t get it…” I finished “He said something about me…stalking him?”


all my friends looked at each other

“Emily, you’re a dear, and we all love you but we have to tell you…Sae might be upset about your poem.”


“What? Which poem? All my poem’s in my note book he said he enjoyed”


“The poem you gave him.”


“Ok for something I’m supposedly involved in, why am I the last to know about it….Just tell me what the hell happened!”


“You snuck into Sae’s cabin and placed a poem on his pillow.” My not-so-gay-gay-best-friend said


“What?” I asked skeptically


“It wasn’t you?”


“Hell no!” I denied

No wonder Sae was acting so strange! He thought I was some creepy stalker chick!

But I wasn’t…And now I can never tell him otherwise.

I left the Camp the next day, and I’ve never forgotten about Sae, somehow, I just can’t rid myself of his memory. I think it’s because I never got a chance to set things strait, I never even got to say goodbye. 

© 2013 Pretty_as_a_Poet

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*Tear* Sae sounded like such a great guy! poor you!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

he was :'(

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