A Poem by Pretty_as_a_Poet

She's gone forever, yet still, she lingers....


Its lying next to her and knowing she’s already slipping away

Like a f*****g wisp of smoke

She’s just an apparition in your arms

Her heartbeat just a mimicry of yours

Her words are a mirror

It's knowing everything’s falling apart and refusing to let go,

Lonely nights once spent with laughter

Remembering how you’d sleep with her on the other end of the telephone

It’s holding on too tightly

Squeezing until she struggles to break free and knowing that if you let go

She’ll run the f**k away before you can clear your vision

Tears thick as fog

And she’ll be gone

It's realizing that every moment spent with her slowly drained you of your ability to love again and it’s knowing that you could have done something better

That’s what you tell yourself

Day after day

Hung up and strung out on words never said and things never done

And when you realize that there’s nothing you could have done the knife sinks in again

It’s a blur of empty sex and obsessive spiraling through distractions and bottles

Its staring at her number, thumb hovered in indecision as you force yourself not to call

And then its an epiphany

That you never forget love, you can only numb it when replaced with something stronger

Its fickle

And it hits you that your most treasured feelings were more fake than she ever was

You took her for granted

You let her slip away

And even if you move on she’ll always be there to remind you of how you fucked up

And how you’ll never get anything as good again.

This is what we call dying inside,

knowing that the best thing you ever had was her

© 2017 Pretty_as_a_Poet

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Excellent description of what has probably happened to most of us. Therefore, we can relate. Thanks for saying the words for us.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on August 3, 2017
Last Updated on August 3, 2017
Tags: Lesbian, Love, Heartbreak, Breakup, lost love, reminiscent



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