Fifty Ways to Cook Pork

Fifty Ways to Cook Pork

A Story by Pretty_as_a_Poet

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It was a musky Tuesday night. The smell of cyan pepper wafted through the air, Garlic Parmesan shank was on the menu tonight. Last night was succulent rosemary loin roasted with potatoes. Katharine took great care with her cuisine, lovingly preparing each dish making use of everything she had at her disposal. The flesh, startlingly fresh, seared almost instantly as it hit the pan. The sizzle was music to her ears. The Cookbook, originally for pork, sat nestled in between the wine and the spice jars, dusted with flour and peppered with red fingerprints. Cooking, after all, could get rather messy.

Sawing into the meat she could see it was cooked to the bone, and she smiled plating her dish.  Across from her was a pair of cracked, oval rimmed glasses. Her crimson lips curved with a smile, and a memory.  For a moment, her eyes closed with recollection as past memories of a man, such a delicious, beautiful man in a long argyle scarf. A gentleman, blue eyes smiling at her from behind a steaming cup of tea, sunlight bathing his skin with warmth and a glow of a god.  She raised the meat to her lips and with a slow lustful bite, she savoured her masterpiece. Her greatest work by far. A few more nights and she would have all of him, she mused chewing thoughtfully. She loved the way he smelt, an odd thought she had realized from the beginning, how a scent could drive a woman rapturous with desire.  She knew she had wanted him from the moment she laid eyes on him. Now, cleaning her dishes, she hummed, giddy like a lovesick schoolgirl. Stashing the leftovers in her icebox, she bent, the cowl of her dress swooping elegantly as she kissed the cold, pale lips she loved so much, frozen in time. “Yet another beautiful evening dear, I’ll have to have you for dinner again soon” She whispered, over her shoulder, sealing the room away. 

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Holy wow! Upon the realization of what she was eating, this gave me chills. You could definitely play with this a bit more. It's so well written, but there's room to delve more into the aspect of (the twist ending). Once (the twist) gets implied, or whenever you find suitable, it would be cool to know how she came to be such a woman. We definitely don't need to know any more about (the subject of the twist), but you could play with this, to embellish it at least a bit more, because it's so juicily written that at least this reader would want to be with that woman a bit longer; to get to know her a little more.

(Typo: cayenne, no cyan).

Well done!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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