Hate was a Man

Hate was a Man

A Poem by Pretty_as_a_Poet

Letting go is hard, especially when you've come to hate.


Hate was a man, or that’s what I thought,

Once long ago I felt his breath, soft and hot,

And the world would not be seated as

We danced in the light,

The darkness around us, the air ever slight,

Suffocating under the heat of his sun,

I looked at the stars and I thought he was one,

The one with the wings and Icarus flew,

And the fall claimed us both, my body was bruised,

Hate was a soul, that I couldn’t stray,

My form his poetry, in him I was made,

And his phoenix, I rose, he returned me to ash

When the sun turned away, the chills came at last,

He was like summer, or that's how it seemed,

Until winter came through and killed all the trees,

The days became barren, the moments turned cold,

Hate was a man, or so I was told,

Neglect was the winter, and his frozen soul,

Selfishness rose me and smothered my coals,

Pride was the wings that made us both fall,

Resentment, the moment that ended it all,

Love was the summer that would never last,

A man held onto me as the world spiralled past,

His hands held me tight until I couldn’t breathe,

And that’s when I knew, that I needed to leave,

Hate was the aftermath, that’s what I now know,

The man stood in the fire, the ashes like snow,

He made his mistakes, but was still just a man,

And I fled from his shadow to make my last stand,

I’ll be your villain, and you can be mine,

Preach them your gospel, your martyr will shine

In my head, he’s the demon, I can’t exorcize

Hate was a man, but no more in my eyes.

© 2018 Pretty_as_a_Poet

Author's Note

critiques and suggestions welcome: a venting piece but one id like to prefect.

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Added on November 29, 2018
Last Updated on November 29, 2018
Tags: Hate, relationships, love, broken, breakup



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