The Birds

The Birds

A Poem by Su

The Crow is pondering his meaning in life. Is he even pleasing anyone by singing? He thinks he's meaningless. That Sparrow thinks differently!

Some time, late at night, in a forest...
A lonely bird sat alone in it's tree.
It Tweets all night long.
Birds all over the world were delighted by it's songs.

It had the sound of a kind Dove, 
yet the appearance of an angry Crow.
It sang songs of turmoil,
and happiness.

Every bird on earth could hear the Crow's Tweets and songs.

Thousands of miles away from the Crow,
was a young Sparrow.
The Sparrow could hear the Crow's Tweets.

The Crow's songs reached the Sparrow's ears,
and they brought the Sparrow happiness.
The Crow's Tweets, although confusing,
also made the Sparrow happy.

Although nearly a world apart,
the Sparrow could understand the Crow.

The crow was alone,
Only a few friends.
Quiet, mysterious and a bit scary.
But on the inside, 
the Crow was intelligent, quirky and caring.

The Crow didn't want to hurt anyone,
the Crow didn't want anyone to suffer...

"But I'm just a simple crow," it thought.
"How could I reach anyone's heart?"

© 2011 Su

Author's Note

I wrote this a while back. It's speaking of a favorite musician of mine, who is Japanese, and how he was being all dramatic and wondering if anyone even really cared about him. So his fans got together and set him straight! It should be obvious that we love him! Anywho, if this poem doesn't make sense, that's alright, because it's not supposed to. It has a bunch of symbolic meanings that only my close friend and I understand.

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Added on August 10, 2011
Last Updated on August 10, 2011
Tags: birds, love, music, songs, dove, sparrow




I'm very much inspired by Asian culture and language. Among my main sources of inspiration are Susumu Hirasawa (musician), random dreams I have, my friends, personal experiences and music. I write .. more..

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