In Captivity

In Captivity

A Poem by Lexi Richard

The cold is nothing new to me
It's something like a friend
I know it always has my back
It's loyalty knows no end 

I find comfort in that darkness
It accepts me as I am
I don't have to hide the tears I cry
It's there to hold my hand

I think I'm cozy in that coldness
With goosebumps on my arms
I thank it for keeping me safe
While watching it cause harm 

It tells me "there's no need for change
Don't even try to grow"
As I am, I will remain
There's no where else to go

I am held within its arms
They are so strong and sweet
They tell me I have finished -
I am all that I can be! 

Might as well give it all up now
Throw the future far behind
Because I'm staying with this cold
It'll be there 'til I die

"End it now", is what it says
"It's only down from here"
There is no such thing as "up"
I must listen to my fears

I am held captive by the dark
It says it's my biggest devotee 
It's always there to cheer me on
While I contemplate my decease

- lr

© 2017 Lexi Richard

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"As I am I will remain
There's nowhere else to go."

Whoah! You got talent! There are a lot of juicy lines in this poem, and the message is powerful, the poem thought-provoking. Simply awe-inspiring! Well done!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lexi Richard

3 Years Ago

Thank you so much!

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Lexi Richard
Lexi Richard


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