I Feel It Coming.

I Feel It Coming.

A Poem by Omar

This poems speaks about the the inevitable and imminent feelings which has arisen in me regarding my life in these recent times of goodness.


 I feel it coming, a storm, an era, it's big, no, huge!

There is something monumental coming, I feel it in my bones, Goodness, Happiness, Wealth and Prosperity. Grateful I am for this shift in circumstances, I feel the Universe conspiring and opening up for me. I feel the blessings showering upon me relentlessly, and expand. As time is just an illusion, such is the period we often refer to as "wait," this is non existent, there is no "wait," there is no time. The past, present and future occurs simultaneously, everything I need and want comes to me Speedily, Richly and Freely, always at the perfect time and never late as is my belief, firm and rigid for it is this very belief that is the sustaining power for my unlimited, eternal being's contentment. I am the Universe and the Universe is me, my will radiates and attracts the same substance energy back to me therefore, I Am Always Happy, Always Wealthy, Always Healthy and Always Prosperous. I am the master of my life, I design 

my life in accordance with my desires as the Grand Architect of all things has designed and created me.  I send my frequency of request out and receive all that I want and need.


I let go of the course it takes on it's way to me and take comfort in the fact that it's already and always has been mine!

© 2016 Omar

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Added on March 30, 2016
Last Updated on March 30, 2016
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Cape Town, Southern Suburbs, South Africa

I'm a young, ambitious human in a world full of possibilities. I believe that life is what you will it (Seek and ye shall find). My poetry I have written are reflections of my truth and my perception.. more..

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