Case -D

Case -D

A Chapter by lightcha


A young boy had called 911 claming there was a "big meanie" in the house, the boy has stated that his father first saw this meanie then took him to an empty room gave him kiss in the fore head and left, before that the said meanie was next to the boys mother, the mother was uncontius.
When the police arrived the found out that both the criminal and the father where missing, leaving only signs of a masive fight though somehow there isn´t a sign of which direction they had left or if they even left the house. The mistery of where they had gone is still unknown up to today
The mother was revieled to not be uncontious but rather....dead, with a masive hole through her fore head lying in the house living room
The young boy was revieled to still be alive found in an empty room asleep when the police arrived.After the boy was told that his mother was dead and father gone he denied such thing thinking that his father when´t after the criminal and her mother was still knocked out.
Unfortunatly there wasnt a family relitive found in the country the boy live in as of today he remains in a orphanage until a family relitive. When trying to speak with him he simply says
"their not dead,their not dead,their not dead"

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Added on December 14, 2014
Last Updated on December 14, 2014
Tags: murder, death, killing, sad, police, crime, investigative, family




If your reading this it means Im still away, Ive been busy with school and its going to take a LONG time to get things in order more..

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A Chapter by lightcha