Police case #A

Police case #A

A Chapter by lightcha


At 1:00 AM an atendent of 911 revicived a call from a 22 year-old man saying that he was in a room with a visable window and that their was a man in pure black stabbing his fiance, he couldn´t see where she was being stabbed.
But unfortunatly for the man, the attendent had only been call 2 times and the first one was simply a prank call,wit that she didn´t take the call seriously and anwserd like if it was mearly a stranger. During this happening the man started to hear the screams of agony from her fiance to which the secretary only heard: "NOOO STOP IT, YOU SON OF A B***H LEAVE HER ALOONE" as the stab whear also heard, the secritary did not even ask what was happening.
After that a five-second gap was made, then a door slam was heard and the call ended.
When police arrived in the location they were suprised to see in the living room the body fiance of said man but only more suprising was something next to the fiance, the corpse of said intruder, acording the investigators the man had been stabed multiple times with the same knife the murder use in the fiance, there was a fight but the murder didnt even have time to respond to the victims violence.
The fiance had here hads in her heart holding a black rose and a wedding ring.
The victim was gone completly all that was left from him was foot steps filled with blood of the victim
Too this day the mans location remains unknown and the body of the fiance was givin to the family

© 2014 lightcha

Author's Note

I hope you know what the "A" stances for

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Added on December 14, 2014
Last Updated on December 14, 2014
Tags: family, murder, crime, horror, investigative, police




If your reading this it means Im still away, Ive been busy with school and its going to take a LONG time to get things in order more..

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A Chapter by lightcha