Third case B

Third case B

A Chapter by lightcha


Two lower crimials were caught escaping  from a neighbor-hood house, when reports were made of gun shot and "horrific screaming" recivied by other neighbors the police decited to show up imidietly. When they sowed up at the house the criminales had escaped they found near the entrance  two dead body, apperently mother and father.
After catching the two criminales though a car chase between them and the policie it was revieald that they were part of a drug cartel and that it wasn´t the first time the criminales had entered the victims house, the first time the had entered only stealing a laptop. The reason that apperently they had a dead reative in africa and that he had chosen that family to take the fortune of the oil company.
For the ones that don´t know this was actuallya usaual internet scam and the criminals shamfully admit that they had fallen from the scam and ended up killing the family of 3 for it
The married couple had a daughter, a young teenager that was there when she saw her parents were killed, the criminal coundn´t do anything as the only weapon they had upon them was mear knifes and the teenager had a gun in her hand, shivering in fear,about to tear up, not knowing what to do.
One of the criminales being part of a cartel decides to think of a besar idea of Bribing the girl into leaving them alone.Not only is the idea for them thinking to bribe her is beyond twisted, the most twisted is that the teen had accepted the deal taking over 1000 dollors they had in hands, then shoting them in the left leg for precation, the teenager then left the house
After that fatefull day it was thought that the teen actepted the deal because she had a case of misanthrope (which involes hating people)

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Added on December 21, 2014
Last Updated on December 21, 2014
Tags: murder, death, killing, sad, police, crime, investigative, drugs




If your reading this it means Im still away, Ive been busy with school and its going to take a LONG time to get things in order more..

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A Chapter by lightcha