A Poem by Lilaa

When I tell you that
there is a ghost living
inside of my body, people
tell you to run, as fast 
as you can to avoid being 
the safety net my soul

When I tell she clenches 
onto my chest like her very
own life line, you pause, 
looking at me as if I was 
mental, in disbelief that 
someone could be in 
so much pain 

When you noticed my palms 
sweating and my body shaking
in front of your friends,
you never helped, instead you 
watched as she clenched onto 
my chest, hands gripping around
my throat, you watched as anxiety 
carried me in her arms, with a 
force so suffocating, you stood 
there as if my existence was 
no longer relevant

When I begin to re-gain my ability 
to have a conversation without feeling
hot sweats emerge from my paws, a 
shaken up body and eyes that drifts
so far from the sea, there is no doubt 
in my mind that someone will destroy 
my endowment to ever do it again. 

People tell me to "Just go talk", or 
"You'll be ok",  the truth is I won't be 
ok, I am never "ok"

My anxiety is the friend I don't want to have,
she makes herself at home and digs a hole
deeper every time she stays. 

© 2016 Lilaa

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I understand this write very much. You did a great job reflecting all:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

I love this. I can relate. Anxiety is a b***h and I wish her on no one. I love how you made her a ghost living inside. Very creative and unique.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I can relate to this very much. People would get scared of me when I would describe my deep pain from anxiety and depression. They would tell me to get over it and that it would be okay. Even when would take medications, it would cause more problems, conflicting with other issues. I am on lexapro right now because when I don't take medications, I am a real monster; unwilling to live any longer. I am constantly tired as a side effect but I am happy to be alive. Trust me, my friend, I am someone who can help you and be here to talk if you need it :) I gave this example so I can remind you that you're not alone :) I loved the poem. Well done.

Posted 7 Years Ago

You have the unique way of writing a poem. it is new and refreshing. A poem that tells a story which is very classic however, people of our era can greatly relate to it since it speaks of another form of friendship. There is nothing for me to criticize about your poem. It's just touching and leaves one to stop and think about the people around them. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

sad..but very thought provoking..i love was amazing

Posted 7 Years Ago

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just experimenting with my words. more..

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