A Chapter by Sonya

 "God, this doesn't get any easier." Vergil growled.
"Well, duh." You said, getting bored. The air seems tense, "Well, not that this isn't pleasent I'm gonna take a walk." You yawned, walking out of the room.
"No you're not!" Stray gasped, grabbing your wrist. The grabbing my wrist thing, yeah, getting old, you thought. You sighed, yanking your wrist away.
"Listen, I'm getting tired of playing War Craft and would like a little time on my OWN for a change." Rave and Vergil backed up, Stray gave up.
"Fine, but stay here." 
"Stray, she doesn't even know what is in here at the temple." Rave said, his eyes bugging out.
"Verg, give her a breif tour." Vergil nodded.
"C'mon, let's go." He said.
"Fine." You said.

Vergil led you down some hallways and finally ended at the library. "You have a library? Seriously?" You said, peering in. Vergil nodded, giving a slight grunt. "Well, see ya." you said, heading to a bookshelf. You felt a hand on your shoulder, "Vergil," you sighed.
"Seeing is deceiving, Skyler, never forget that
..."That eerie voice again, you turned,nothing wasthere.
"Okay, I'm seriously going mental." You said, shaking off a cold chill.You headed down some ailes of bookcases, then saw a strangestatue. An angel, in a black dress, holding a violin, with a smile on her pale face, and black wings. "Of all the things..." you saw a slight jerk from the statue.
"It's rude to stare, you know." The statue's head turned, showing a black flower.
"What the Hell?!" You gasped, stepping back. The angel's hand ran past her brown hair.
"Oh, my oh dear. I'm sorry, my name is Risea, I'm a Dark Angel. You are Skyler, right, my, what a nice name, Skyler." Risea said, her voice seeming to echo, was calm and soothing. She jumped from her platform, or dais, and shown her bare feet. She held out her hand for a shake, "Go ahead, I won't bite." She said. You shook it, feeling a shock of biting cold rush through you. 
"Um, I'm sorry, but are you-"
"Yes, I'm the one who was trying to warn you about Noi- um- Devion, he's a trickster, and a charismatic one as well. Just to tell you, Aeron sent me, now, listen, there are more than just the Cycle Wolves and Angels in these parts. There are Elves, Yokai, or, Demons, Vampires, Shapeshifters and Taoists as well." Risea said, her ezpression grim and worried. Your mind drifted at the name Aeron, and you felt a lump grow in your throat.
"Aeron? Did you say, 'Aeron'?" Risea nodded slowly, her bown bangs falling to her blue eyes. "Wait, why are you here?"
"Like I said, your brother Aeron sent me here, he's been waiting for this for a while, not only did I want to help, along with that he sent me here, but it's the only way I can return to Cloud 9, or, as you would know it as, Heaven." She sounded sad, her voice filled with longing.
"Why are you-"
"I beleived of a better world, and snuck out before Iearned myBlessed wings, instead, I only have these Forsaken wings, hence, I am a Dark Angel." She told you of all the things she had seen,the Holocaust of 1993, she explained, had been horrendous news to her. Also her death,was caused by the not yet vaccinated, poliomyelitis, or polio as you knew it as."But I would much rather it polio and not Aldolf Hitler's mind. My, before all that me and Anne Frank were good friends." Wow, Risea has been dead for quite a while. If only she was there for your history test on the 20th century.
"Risea, how old are you?" You said, regretting it immediately.
"Well, let's see,I was only fourteen when died in1884,so about 125-139 years old, never kept good enough track and I was always horrible in math
." She said."C'mon, I might as well meet the guys now while I'm still able to move. Dark Angels are like Gargoyles you know, oh , those things are nasty." She pulled you by the arm.


© 2009 Sonya

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