A Chapter by Sonya

 You went to approach Akane and Kuane, the two twins had seemed decent, "So, you two live here? Why not at the Vampire's Base?" You said, tilting your head. Kuane smiled, hopping up to your height.
"Well, that's kinda complicated, you see, our FATHER was Vampire, but our mom was Elfin," she said, twirling her golden locks around, "So, they made the choice we would be more welcome here in an Elfin village, our mother, Kallik, lived here, so duhwe would live here!" She said.
"But I thought youwereoutcasts." Akane shifted her eyes down.
"To the Vamps we are." Shesaid glumly, her dark hair swaying in the breeze. She looked down, closing her eyes. Kuane stared long and hard at her sister, smiling sympathetically.
"But here we are welcome,we absolutely love it here." She said, resting her hand on Akane's shoulder.
"Yes, these two are an extreme help, they are pleasent to the Elders' Court." Kakaya nodded, assisting Keda with Toroldem's bandages, you then started to wonder why Xenos attempted to murder him, "The Vampires and Yokai despise each other, th only reason they were saw at the same place atthe same time is because they are powerless in daylight, Xenos must have gotten sick of the Vampires' scent." She said, closing her eyes and shrugging, you could here mockery in her voice. Wait, how did she know what I was thinking, she raised to her feet, "I can read what you don't say, your people call this telepathy, no? Well, Elves call it Alberi's Gift." She said, giving you a curious look. You blinked, feeling foolish, "Don't feel embarassed child. All the races have some kind of gift, here read this, it explains them al briefly." She handed you a large, royal blue book, the title which read: "Newcomer's Guide To Hekaten Gifts" in old rusted golden letters. You blew away some dust, "Go to the library."
"Lucky me that they simply call it the Library on the building." You said, sitting down in a chair, you opened the book.

"In Hekate, there lies9 races, all with different abilities. Yokai, or as humans would call them, demons, have the power to control or manipulate one of the five key elements in Hekate. Elves hold Alberi's Gift or telepathy. Vampires are only able to touch one with hands as warm as a live one, called Haemon's Sense. Angels own the power to stay with loved ones with their freedom called Anael's Gracing. Shapeshifters, as the name applies, shift their shape,titled Ngai's Herb. Gargolyles do have a gift, but it is yet to be discovered, Taoists manipulate the ability to change lead into gold, also known as Alchemists, and hold Hoemheim's Farewell, the ability to see the Truth Gate, but this, unlike most gifts of races, only comesto a select few, those who do own this knowledge have manyhidden reasons for their gift which most dread. Werewove's who hold absolutely no relation to Cycle Wolves, due to having no self-control on new moons own Lycurgos' Mauling, are able to repel silver bullets. As for Cycle Wolves, they have sensitive noses, and are able to smell one's emotions, this is appropiately called Conri's Enlightenment. It is uncertain how one can use these powers, one may use it help others or themselves while others make pacts with the Devil to use their powers to harm others..."
You skiped minor details, and felt that the names mentioned seemed familiar. You guessed this was Hekate's main religion, all the myths seemed strange, but the pictures and illustrations interperated that this was their way. You felt our eyes droop, and you fell asleep.
"Skyler?!" Rave called, sniffing for her.
"Rave, I sent Skyler to our library." Kakaya called out, Rave nodded his head in thanks, scratching his sruffy hair.
"Skyler?" He said, feeling her scent becoming clearer. He found her, alsleep on a chair, breathing lowly. He smiled calmly, "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty," he said, shaking her. Her head shot up, hitting him the jaw, "YEOW!" He yelped. Rubbing her eyes, she blinked, loking at him.
"What cha' yelping about?" she said, stretching, rubbing his jaw, he groaned.
"Nothing, something, just, uh, hit me." He sighed, glancing at the book, he blinked rapidly, "I hoope you're a big reader cuz' that's BIG book." Skyler nodded slowly.

"I've read thicker," she said plainly.

rave nodded, walking off.
You yawned, then walked out. Cracking your knuckles, you felt a tense atmosphere in the air, Kakaya came up to you. "My, Hiromi,get this girl a hair-do!" She said, barely paying attention, a Elfin woman with short blonde hair and blue eyes came up to you, whatever happened, your hair felt silky smooth. 
"Alrighty then, you're all better!" She said, Kakaya seemed worried about something, but you couldn't get to her, Akane and Kuane spoke to her...


© 2009 Sonya

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Added on June 9, 2009



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