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A Screenplay by Sonya



                                  Xiuhcoatl - mechanical beast used for security by Alchemists. 

                                                      Looks: Large, grey-brown skin. Small dabs of hair. "Bones" sticking ot of its body. The outer spine and skull a deathly red.

                                                      Call: Sounds like a ravenous hyena.

                                                      Description: These creatures can either be considered Homnculi, Simulcra, or Chimeras. Despite the appearance, they machines, fully able to sniff the ground and identify one's DNA. Known as the Ultimate killing machine, and causing itself to be a formiddable opponent.


                                   Abidon - demons created for war.


                                                     Looks: Normally a greyish color. Large, mouthlike appearance with cat-like ears, and caterpillar legs. 

                                                     Call: This varies on what they where mutated from, i.e. one mutated from the corspe of a cat sounds like a rabid kitty.

                                                      Description: These twisted, vial smelling beasts are the taboo of Hekate and demonology. Known for their unsustanable hunger for flesh, nearly unstoppable. Yokai use them as "pets" as they are the only race able to control and contain them. Those who want to use them for war starve them, making them insane, ravenous, and above all, sadistic. It is advised to stay away from areas that inhabit them.


                                Seiten Taisei - Monkey King or "Great Sage"


                                                      Description - Probably not the most twisted of the three, but Seiten Taisei (or Sun Wukong) was definately one to be reckoned with and most powerful. With the 72 transformations, "cloud-traveling", - making him able to cover 54,000 kilometers in a single flip, ability to clone himself, and various spells on commanding wind, and part water. create a circle protecting him from rival demons, freezing demons, gods, and  humans alike.

© 2009 Sonya

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Added on August 3, 2009



I ain't gonna tell ya JACK!, Japan

Don't click here! I LOVE anime. Bleach, Shugo Chara, Inuyasha, Devil May Cry, D. Gray - Man, Black Cat . Within Temptation, Flyleaf, ect. are AWESOME bands so me no likey Hanna/Miley, Zac.. more..

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