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A Chapter by Sonya



                                  Rave was the first to react. His head jerked behind, eyes frantic and searching. "Damien!" He turned back, ears and tail rigid. "Apparently we have some Abidons on the way."


                                    "Abidons? They still use those things? D****t!" Tori grabbed her dagger, but Vergil jerked her back.  "What? That thing needs its throat slit!"


                                      Vergil's eyes twitched, he sighed briefly, "Any other time I would agree, but under these cicumstances we -"


                                     "Split up and run like Hell is at out throats." Rave butted in, more serious than usual, the red tint in his eyes overpowered the brown base, "There's no in Hell that thing is beating us. Over my dead carcuss."


                                        Stray nodded approvingly, "Lucky for us, we're more South than anticipated. Which means..." Rave threw a rock at him, "Right, seems being in your territory, it's your say, eh Rave?"


                                        "Damn right! And I'll be pissed if that thing attacks the other Sun Wolves!" Something told you that Rave, of all people, had an awful temper. Sephiria, turning to the sound of the Abidon, scowled.


                                        "You're right, so here goes. Tenira and I'll go as one group. Stray, you and Rayne goe as the second group. Damien and Vergil as another. Rave, that leaves you and Skyler. Clear? I don't want any deer in front of headlights." She stares mainly at her siblings, as any normal sister would. Well, as any sister would at least.




                                          By now the group had split up, all in different directions. "So, er, Rave, this is your territory?" You asked, trying to break the ice.


                                         His ears and tail perk up, "Sorta. Well, this, the South that is. Is where the Sun Wolves mount, so I guess it's more like my homeland, but you get the point."


                                          You smiled, Rave had a talent of putting you at ease. But, the sun was intense. That blazing Sun's presence was unceasing. The air was still, very still. You felt sweat go down the back of your neck. Great, talking about a hot-head, you thought.


                                            Rave on the other hand. Oh, he was strolling in that sweatshirt as if it was winter.  "Aren't you dying in this heat. I feel like it's the Sahara Desert just looking at you..." You asked. You envied how easy he made it seem.


                                              "Not  really. Why, are you? It's never really fazed me..." He looked at the Sun. You're gonna hurt your eyes. Grr, I really hate him right now!  You tied your hair into a thick ponytail, but had stray strands.


                                              "I really hate this heat."


                                                Rave gave you a nervous smile. "You should try handling this with Myana in charge, she's a real hick." his ears twitched, "She is real unpleasant, an uptight hick." He stretched. 


                                                 At that moment, an auburn she-wolf appeared, dark gold eyes in a slit. "Is that so, Rave?"

© 2009 Sonya

Author's Note

Read this to clear any confusion unpleasant
"Deer in front of headlights" - Sephiria is saying she doesn't want anyone feeling confused and in a daze.

Do you call turning into a wolf normal?

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Added on September 3, 2009
Last Updated on September 23, 2009



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