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A Chapter by Sonya

                                       The she-wolf morphed into a human form. She looked fairly young. Light, dusky shoulder length hair appeared to be frizzy and curly, contrasted by one blue eye and a red eye. Despite her her small stature, she seemed awfully graceful draped in the brown gown that draped on her. "What brings you back here, Exile?" Her voice, on the other hand, was rigid and harsh. "Well, Rave, there had better be a good reason you dare step foot back on the Sun Wolves grounds!" 


                                         You stepped back instinctively, Rave standing in front of you. "You are aware there are Abidons in this area, right?" Rave, unlike he normally seemed, was aggressively rigid and challenging. His were completely red now.


                                         Several wolves behind this woman growled silently, halted be her. "Abidons, you say, you say the truth, I trust," she seemed to calm down, "Very well, but what is with that mortal stench? Have you gone to the dogs? Perhaps."   Her voice slipped mocking in it. She glanced at you again, but a pang Surprise lit in her eyes. "Girl, are you by any chance related to Rayne Fey?" She stepped in front of you. 


                                           "Um, no. Not at all." You shook your head, stepping back the slightest inch. Satisfied with your answer, the woman turned to Rave again.


                                           "With that out of the way, Rave, that Moon Wolf isn't here, is he?" She scowled harshly.


                                             Rave's ears went rigid, he calmed down. "No, Myana, just me and Skyler," the air lightened up, "Myana, has news of what Devion has done come this far yet?" This was the most diplomatic he had ever sounded in the time you have known him.


                                           "Yes, the Shapeshifters from the country have warned us already. What would be your connection with them?" Myana's eyes narrowed to a slit.

                                            "Myana, the Outcasts are trying to stop him. Skyler, she, got involved accidentally." That last word stung you somehow. Kinda like a needle grazing your skin.  

                                             Myana's head lowered a little. "I take it you two heard the Abidon, ran here, hoping we could help," her eyes closed, "I'm sorry, but the Abidon, the last time my pack faced it, about a dozen were either devoured or plain killed. There's nothing we can do at the moment." There was an awkward silence between the two. "I'm getting old, Rave, older than when you left. Older than the last time the Cycle Wolves were at peace with each other." Old? She didn't look old, but, her voice had a certain rasp in it, a tone, like music dying out gradually. Suddenly, the strength in her eyes was back. "But, the Bird Goddess, Motokoko may be to help, but good luck, the savage woman would have her vultures devour you."

                                              Rave seemed to lighten up. He nodded his head slightly, "Myana, you should rest, leave the safety of Hekate in the Outsiders' hands." He gestured to you, "We should keep going, around the Sun Wolves' territory though."

                                               You nodded. Motokoko? A Bird Goddess? I wonder what kind of woman she'd be like. Up in the trees, you saw a black raven, it had a great, lithe build, and seemed to stare at you.


           "Hmph! So, those two little children require my assistance do they? They seem tasty, but I guess I can help them first. The Abidon has killed many of my precious birds. How detestable! No, that's not what is detestable. The stench of that girl down below is what is detestable!"




© 2010 Sonya

Author's Note

Hey Holly, there's you intro!

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YEEEESSSS!!!!!!!! VICTORY IS MINE!!! I love it. It's wonderful. Thank you. YOu represent me well. Lol.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I ain't gonna tell ya JACK!, Japan

Don't click here! I LOVE anime. Bleach, Shugo Chara, Inuyasha, Devil May Cry, D. Gray - Man, Black Cat . Within Temptation, Flyleaf, ect. are AWESOME bands so me no likey Hanna/Miley, Zac.. more..

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