A Chapter by Sonya

               "Well where the hell now?!" Trudging back and forth, Damien kicked up the dirt. "We're wasting time and energy running from that thing if we don't even know where we're going!"
                 Vergil stepped back, "You should calm down, if you freak out now, you'll waste more energy. There's no need to-"
                 "No need to worry? My sisters are running from that thing as well! Stray, a member of MY pack is running with Tori, and Rave is who I'm depending on to keep Skyler alive! Don't tell me to not worry d****t!" Damien's muscles started rippling, and his jaws were slavering. He stopped running now, and took his frustration out by clawing a tree.
                  "I can understand why you are worried, but if you don't keep your cool, it'll only get worse. You're the leader of the group, you're the one that keeps everything together." Vergil kept silence for a second, "Maybe you've forgotten our main objective. Defeat Devion."
                   Damien thrust his head violently, growling deeply, he resisted looking Vergil dead in the eye, a major threat while they were in Wolvren form. With all that had happened, Damien almost forgot what the Outcasts had been for. He gestured to move forward, but hesitated.
                    "What is it?" 
                   The forest they hid in was dense and dark, but a white pelt would be easy to see. "Damien, is that you? Thank God! We've been looking all over you for so long! Has the Abidon been here at all? We've tried looking for Skyler and Rave, but nothing at all." The panting she-wolf maneuvered through the tree, followed by a small, red wolf. "The forest reeks with its scent, but I think it's dying. Vultures are flocking all over the place."
                    Vergil swooped his tail, "I'd like to think that. But now we need to-"
                    Wham, just like something slammed into Vergil's flank, it was like claws grazing against paper. Then, they vanished, like realization snapped, "Vergil?! Jeez, you freaked me out! Tori said she heard voices, then I saw a shadow."
                    "And your sense of smell evaporated? Ow." Vergil licked his fur dry. Shaking his nerves off. Damien, on the other hand, seemed amused. But, the fact that most of the group was back together reassured him.
                      They morphed into human form. Taking a breather, needing to re-cooperate after the vigorous running. It was getting dark, but they needed to keep moving. "Damien, where's Skyler and Rave?" Tenira asked. 
                       Damien tensed up, thinking of a way to answer, "We don't yet, hopefully somewhere safe."
                       "You took a wrong turn!"
                       "No! You're just not paying attention!"
                       "I AM paying attention! And we're LOST!"
                       Out in the distance Damien started hearing Rave and Skyler's voice. He could hear a sigh of relief escape his throat. He started laughing and smiling, "Or they could be over there. Rave and Skyler's faces appeared with relief, "Good to see you're alive, Girly." A rock was thrown at him, though it skidded past him. He couldn't tell whether it came from Skyler or Rave. "Since we're together now, we need a desperate break. It's been a while now, and I can imagine Devion's having trouble forming a plan with the decrease of his wolves."
                       "It's that a real good idea? I mean, the last I've been in the real world with Sephiria and Tenira, I ran into "Noived" and nearly got killed." Skyler pouted, patting off dust on her arm.
                        Sephiria and Stray stepped forward, "It's a good idea, being on edge will stress us out too much, and stress will fog our minds. Some time on Earth might do us some good." Tenira brightened, but then lowered her head.
                        "But we don't have a way to get to Earth." Damien loved his younger sister, but she could dampen the mood fast. 
                         Then straight out of the blue, Risea appeared, "Sorry I haven't been with you, but since you had to travel to Howlite, I had to keep my distance. Hmph! Alchemy, the Devil's Art! But any-who, I hear you need help. Maybe one of my feathers could get you to Earth." She pulled out a golden feather, but she stopped, "But first, it be helpful if you guys could get into a circle."
                          No one hesitated, and formed a circle, "I'll follow you two momentarily, but for now you'll have to cope in Earth for a bit." Risea threw the feather into the sky.
                          "Heed thy my call of which I spoke
                           Release the gate or veil or cloak
                           Collide my world and the faraway place
                           Of which I pray for a calmer pace."

© 2010 Sonya

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Added on March 28, 2010
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