Happy Place

Happy Place

A Poem by TheTattooedPoet

i close my eyes and visualize my happy place its a space in my mind where im comfortable.. and safe.. and well.. happy.. im in this bedroom, right? a queen sized, pillow top mattress... not too big.. 800 thread count sheets.. black.. down comforter.. feather body pillows... i feel like im melting into this bed. there are headphones in my ears and a playlist of all my favorite songs is playing... John Mayer starts to sing about Gravity and i sink further into the sheets.. Jason Mraz croons on about what a Beautiful Mess my life is and i glance at the clothes on the floor... at the full ashtray.. at the comfort of my unmade bed.. and i realize he's right.. and i smile.. Mumford and Sons is trying to Awake My Soul... but my soul is perfectly content where it is right now.. the sun peeks through the shades playing a light show on my bare skin as Mayer returns to tell me how my Body Is A Wonderland... Thank you, John... but i know that already... the serenity in this place is unquestioned.. and yet, its incomplete.. i lay here.. warm, naked, and wrapped in blankets that feel like sun kissed clouds... and i ponder what could possibly be missing.. Kings of Leon start in on me about how they could Use Someboy.. and it hits me.. So could i.. but then, i roll over.. an there you are.. Laying on your back... smiling at me with eyes so blue it makes me cry.. i wrap my arms around you and kiss you as Elvis convinces me i Cant Help Falling In Love With You and suddenly... all is right with the world... my happy place is complete.. and im... well.. happy.. but, eventually, ill have to open my eyes wont i? and when i do... where will you be then?

© 2015 TheTattooedPoet

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You lost me at 'the full ashtray.' YUCK Good poem though.

Posted 5 Years Ago

the best poem I've ever read. it almost makes me wanna cry, reading it brings a feeling that can hardly be explained. kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on June 18, 2015
Last Updated on June 18, 2015



Jacksonville, FL

I write because my pen knows me better than i know myself... im a mother of two (12 yr old boy with ADHD and a 10yr old girl) so if you dont like kids, you probably wont like me... else you wanna.. more..