For the People Who Know Death

For the People Who Know Death

A Story by lily platycorn

For people with no purpose left in life.

I made this for you, and you only. Everybody else; they don't matter here. Keep on going.
I know how it feels to know death, thinking of it everyday. Always sad, but never quite giving up on life, sometimes knowing you will do It, and then... you hold on a bit tighter.
People get alone, they get sad. I want to tell you that it will someday be okay.
Parents, teachers, everyone. They all tell you life is fair. Let me tell you something: it isn't fair, it never has been, and it never will be.
I know that it's hard to hold on to life. Happiness is elusive and hidden to us. It's hard to hold onto life when others around you have found the secret to happiness. They don't know what it is to be dead in life.
There are those people who are glowing with life, filled with their foolish lustful lives, who do not care for those around them depressed. They maybe don't even notice. I don't even blame them but maybe...Just maybe they could help?
Not today.
Don't give up. Hold on a little longer and maybe someone will give you a hand. It's never too late. Don't take that final action yet. There's still hope when your still holding on.
Here is a short story:
Once there was a little girl. Her name was Lily, and she had an older sister named Rosie and a younger sister named Grace, who doesn't come in this story much. She had a mom and a dad. Everything was alright in her life, she was a happy little kid. Suddenly everything changed. Her parents began fighting about everything. They couldn't even talk to each other without starting to yell. She became a little sad but it was okay because she had her sisters and her friends. However Rosie became better and better every day. Soon she was practically perfect. Lily didn't like this but she forgave Rosie. That is harder to do than it sounds. Then her life went from bad to worse. She met a boy who she loved so much. All of her other crushes were vapour. This was real. He almost definitely liked her back because he would sit with her at lunch and hang out with her. He would wait for her walking anywhere in school. They liked each other a lot.Then he met Rosie. Rosie was like Lily, except better. He started completely ignoring Lily and called Rosie every night on the phone. Then one day he asked her out. Her parents spoke of leaving each other.Lily was brokenhearted. From that day on Lily has cried every night silently, into her pillow.

It's not hard to know who she was. That girl was me. I know death. And you do too.
I gave up a long time ago. Maybe I'll hold on a little longer. Will you?

Can you?

© 2011 lily platycorn

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lily platycorn
For the People Who Know Death

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I can relate to both the screaming of the parents and the jealousy that comes with the perfection of the older sister . . . Unfortunately, some times it feels like things can't get any worse . . . But in turn that means there's no other choice but for them to get better. (:
I know death.
Countless, sleepless nights have been spent wondering who would miss me, what would happen once I was gone . . . ect. But things DID get better.
I enjoyed reading this to the fullest. Knowing that even as a year older than you, we share the same struggles =D It's always nice to know your not alone. I wanted to thank you for the review and I hope death never gets to know you as well as you know death.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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lily platycorn
lily platycorn

stroudsburg, PA

i am a thirteen year old girl. i love writing novels and poetry. i have written one novel (150 pages) and lots of poetry. more..

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