illegal car rides and talegating trucks

illegal car rides and talegating trucks

A Poem by amelia.elaine

she's lovable, intolerable
she's all put together, she's torn apart

its frustrating have a best friend, that sometimes you can't stand
she'll twist your words, into hurtful phrases
jump to conclusions, and won't listen to the real meaning

its easy to love her, when she's always the one that makes me smile
she's the shoulder i cry on, my confidont, my best friend
she's never there to judge me, always love me

she doesn't have faith, in me and my choices
she doesn't trust i won't do it different this time around
it gets tiering hearing her say, he's meant to be with me

she's got flaws by the dozen
some are corky and cute
others drive you up the wall, and into traffic

she's the jealous breed, the kind you want to avoid
she's the vicious type, when she's got an idea in her head
she's the kind of girl, who doesn't care what you have to say anymore
once she decides what you're saying
even if she twists it just a little
she's the sensitive soul, thats hard to be around, because she takes things
to the extreme

she lets her jealousy over rule the majority of her mind
convinces herself, that she's not worth the time
she's a pretty face, and a pretty heart

its cut, its bruised, its scared, tattered, and falling apart
but look beyond, the stitches
and understand how she got them

by being helpful, and kind at heart
i person i wish i could say i still am today

she'll drive you crazy, make you insane
but she makes it impossible not to love her

beyond compare 

© 2009 amelia.elaine

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Added on December 7, 2009



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