the table of contents leads to a sad ending

the table of contents leads to a sad ending

A Poem by amelia.elaine

 table of contents
4.fall apart
5.cry myself to sleep
6.memories never die



you're the boy
who starts this tradgey of 
my life and your life together
you make me smile 
you cause me tears
you broke my heart
i'm still standing here


i'm the girl 
that fell head over heels for you
i'm the main character
of this tragdy
i'm the girl who fell apart
i'm the girl that dies
a little more every day


we were unstoppable
and so in love
romance never looked so good
like it did on our sleeves
we fell apart
you fell in love with another
i never found the heart
i lost crying over you
i never let another in
i only held on 
for an everlasting pain
that never dies

4.Fall Apart

i cried myself to sleep
every night i was without you
i ran out of tears
the tears may run dry
but this waterfall of emotion
is still there
i died that day you left my heart
in the rain and mud
i forgot how to live love and laugh
i lost my sparkle
my fire my pride
and myself

5.Cry Myself To Sleep

the photographs we took
hurt me the most
i couldn't put them away
i couldn't bring myself
to throw your stuff away
nights filled with emotions
you shunned and left behind
all i wanted was you hand in friendship
but you left me in the dust
and left me here to mold
and die away

6.Memories Never Die

i'd found a way
to lose myself
in dreams of death
and new memories
to forget the pain
then you walked back in my life
and now
those memories still remain
sharper then a knife
i've falling to the ground
only to be caught by you
this is friendship
one memory i finally
got back

© 2009 amelia.elaine

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