Scars Invisible

Scars Invisible

A Poem by lindalou

When our burdens are taken to God, He does not take them away, but cries with us.

What if I wore my scars on the outside? If you lose a part of your body, wear scars of wounds on your skin, it is easy to see the pain that was and is.
When the injury is inside, it is not visible to others. The pain may show on your face, in your actions through sadness or anger. This observed, and many reasons can be said for the bad day you are having.
The scars of loss, the deep wounding kind are worn inside. They are only visible to those that take the time, have the caring to see into your heart.
There are some that judge from what is seen and degree’s by their own measure.
When the burden of our loss is taken to the Giver of all things, we find rest from the pain by knowing He cares, and shares our sorrow. He does not take it away but cries with us. In His arms the loss may be freely expressed. Though not spoken, He hears every word. He sees every injustice, when innocent, we were harmed. He sees the empty places love should have been. Though the scars remain as part of who we are, He pours Himself into the emptiness.
He does this and accepts us as His own, even though He sees every offense we have committed, every scar inflicted by our own hand. He wanders the dark path we choose when we strayed, and the Holy Spirit sprinkles it with The Blood of love. The ground we trod is covered with Peace only He can give. With His light, beauty grows, and we are left with the fragrance of His love.

Though the scars I carry inside are a torment to me, stay close Holy Spirit. I need your guidance and help to reflect the love that has been so freely given to me, to others that bear scars that are not seen.

© 2010 lindalou

Author's Note

There are some losses in our life that leave us changed forever. Well meaning people wait for us to get over them, to get better. Some we never do, although God gives mercy and grace and can make good things happen from the pain. It has been 26 years since my little girl went to Heaven. I will carry the scar of her loss as long as I am here on this eath.

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Seems a personal reflection in the lines...
yet the theme can be interpreted with each person that looks into the verse...
scars that we have will heal no matter...inside or out..
the way we express them and heal over as time goes by...
yet they never really go away...because they have become an impact our lives...sorry for your lost...and may you find peace still after all these years...

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you for the depth of your comment. Peace is the warmth of understanding and sharing our deepes.. read more
Glen Yumang Manese

6 Years Ago

you're welcome...

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Tulsa, OK

Most of my writings are intense, like me. My words are my tears, my laughter, the expression of my soul. more..

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