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The Glimpse

The Glimpse

A Story by lindalou

Angel wings unfurl, they rise, singing as one, my soul is straining to go with them...









Drawn to the window, I lean on the sill and press my face

my breath and feel the warmth, a rush in my chest at what I see. Keenly aware, I become self absorbed, and in tune to every fiber as impulses of excitement run through my body.

Everything through the thick glass became crystal clear. The rolling green meadow, the gentle sway of the trees; the vivid blue of the sky, were in perfect peace and harmony.

The landscape before me is another place in time, and I know I am being gifted with this glimpse, very precious to me.

The view is a taste of freshness, as light and cool as the gentle breath of a baby in slumber. The scene is illuminated with a glow of innocence and purity. I can not see the source as it bathes everything it touches leaving no trace of a shadow.

A movement catches my eye and my attention is drawn to an area where the glow seems to be radiating from. I concentrate, and the vague shape of a man begins to become clear. He begins to walk across the velvet green and with his steps there is an air of serenity that moves with him.

His stride lengthens, his image is becoming clearer and I wonder where I have seen him before, he looks familiar. He is now running with great strides and is skipping and leaping, as though a boy.


I almost missed the most amazing sight coming from the other direction as I concentrated on him.

A group of children were running but it looked more like a graceful dance as their feet barely touched the ground.


I am annoyed, for a moment something obscures my vision, and I try to look around it to see the delightful children. I realize what I am seeing as my eyes are allowed to see...angels! Angels are hovering over them as they continue to race toward their goal.

Happiness is evident on each little face as they sprint with joy and cries of pleasure echo through the air. A joyful sound is coming from each little voice as they get closer to the man running toward them.

My heart is racing with expectation as I witness the man reach out to the little ones. Some are small, some are tall and of all size and color. He swoops one lucky tiny one up with his big gentle hands as he continues to run.


The group changes direction trailing along clapping their hands and calling, "me, take me!"..."It's my turn!"..."I'm next!"











He laughs and the very air resounds with the wonder of his voice. I am captivated by his gentleness and the love that is flowing from him to the group of children he is playing with.

As they continue their play, he gives each one a turn as the angels gather to watch.


I feel the tension mount to the point it can not be contained one more moment as the angels, wings unfurl, rise, and their voices are lifted as one in a song of praise of such beauty my soul is straining to leave, and join with them. I feel the longing in my soul to join the miracle, to praise and worship him.

He turns, and for a moment his eyes meet mine and I see tears of love trickle down his face. He lifts a nail scared hand to wave and speak to my heart of things that can not be said with words.


In his arms he holds my daughter so tenderly and whispers his love for me to see.

The glass in this magical window begins to cloud, and once again they are out of my sight.

I hold on to the hope and love Jesus has given, to keep me through this night, knowing I will be there soon, in the morning light.   

© 2010 lindalou

Author's Note

I am grateful God speaks to my heart in a way I can understand, as I feel He did with this image. I cannot do justice to the glimpse of this place too beautiful for words. Now we can only see through a glass darkly, but someday, we will know, we will be Home!

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Interesting development in this story of yours..
.again like your poetry...
it renders an inspirational theme...
and as you unfold this dream...
with the words of the event...
and bring us to light of that glimpse...

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this. It took me a long time to find the courag.. read more
Glen Yumang Manese

6 Years Ago

you can claim poetic license...but you can edit it anytime you...want...but if this was done as is.... read more
This was amazing! I loved every word. I really wish I could've seen what you've seen

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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2 Reviews
Added on July 3, 2010
Last Updated on July 3, 2010



Tulsa, OK

Most of my writings are intense, like me. My words are my tears, my laughter, the expression of my soul. more..

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