Dress Me Like Poetry

Dress Me Like Poetry

A Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell

Dress me like poetry in silk stanza stockings

Dress me like poetry in silk stanza stockings,
in pearls of metered verse on a syllabic strand.
Brush rhythm through my hair and rhyme on my lashes,
and paint me in tones of syntax and sonnet sand.

Dangle diction diamonds to adorn my face,
like cascading charms of sweet metaphoric prose.
Give me blue ballad bonnet alliteration
and assonant slippers with repetitious bows.

With sestina skirt and connotation corset,
I am the allusion and the symbol of love.
I am the onomatopoeia twilight song,
the euphonious moonlight that shimmers above.

So dress me like poetry, in pleasant pantoum
or in the cacophony of a villanelle,
in the ode of hyperbole or anapest,
in romantic Terza Rima or Terzanelle.

Dress me like poetry with the breath of your kiss,
and let your precious flower blossom in the night.
Then, move mountains for this moment and disrobe me.
My petals stroked by the gentle hands of moonlight.

© 2010 Linda Marie Van Tassell

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Your words are sweet and gentle. These are true words of poetry. You made poetry more beautiful and tempting with your beautiful poem. Each line adding up to a excellent ending. You can write some powerful poem. A outstanding poem. I do appreciate poetry written with great skill.

Posted 9 Years Ago

just genius at work here.
a nicely woven piece of art!

Posted 9 Years Ago

So very cute, is your poem. I'm saving this one.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This was beautifully written with the structure giving strength to the striking images of language and clothes... the alliteration was subtle but effective and the erotic elements reached their climax so nicely in the last two lines... the stroking of petals by moonlight... Just lovely

Posted 9 Years Ago

What an erotic way of discussing poetry! This must have taken a lot of work, to get weave all the technicalities in together. The line

"Dress me like poetry with the breath of your kiss" will haunt me for a long time.

Utterly gorgeous write!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love your use of words in this, especially about poetry. This is really brilliant, and admirable, you should be proud of your accomplishment here.

Your mind in intriguing. So very well done.
Antonio xx

Posted 9 Years Ago

The notion of the persona here being dressed as a poem is certainly strong and the introduction of so many poetic terms is clever - maybe a bit too clever (understatement might work better here). The second line in the closing stanza is a bit disruptive in as much as it changes the personal pronoun - the only place in the poem that 'you' is found, shifting the reader's attention to another person. The closing line is very good, indeed. :-)

Posted 9 Years Ago

(Sigh) So after going through half a dozen of wiki pages, now I know so many types of poetic forms. So thanx for that. Your diction is too good. And the concept of "dress me like poetry" is also very unique.

However I have a few questions:
is the expression "euphonious moonlight" correct ? euphony implies to the pleasing sounds that mesmerizes someone, but how can moonlight be a euphony ?
Secondly, in the third stanza you say "I am the moonlight that shimmers above"
and in the end, you say "My petals stroked by the gentle hands of the moonlight", so do those hands belong to yourself ?

Thats all what I found a little strange in otherwise a great genius endeavor of including poetry in a single poem.


Posted 9 Years Ago

This is not about you or this poem - But though they are related to poetry, the words defining poetry aren't poetic themselves, lol. Maybe it's just me. I think words such as 'Metaphor', 'Simile', 'Personification', 'Repetition' etc etc aren't as sweet as other many English words I simply love. Well, it's a story for another time.

This poem is a genius. Beautiful (Not considering the poetic terms for my convenience, lol.) I loved the phrase 'Sonnet sand'. I see that you are good chooser of titles for your works (I write my poem first and keep gaping at it for minutes just to choose a title :D). The imagery wasn't expanding as in many of your poems, but that's OK. I like this piece, as any of your writes :)

Keep writing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Now since @rhyming has discussed the technical nuances,i won't be talking about them at all :) and also..cause i don't know much of it all..i wouldn't know what is hexameter..so on..
Coming back to your words,there are so neatly structured,so concise and so striking,that i feel i can't even give a justified review.I loved the analogies you created here and such a lovely imagery.Thank you for sharing..

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Linda Marie Van Tassell
Linda Marie Van Tassell


Poetry has been my passion since I was about fifteen years old, and I love the structure of rhyme and meter moreso than just randomly throwing words upon a page without any form whatsoever. Whi.. more..


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