Office Oject-ivity Part II

Office Oject-ivity Part II

A Story by linton

First a recap of Part I: Cabinet harasses Paper.  An unidentified note is written to Telecom. He searches for answers.


In the conference room, the fart spread around the room and caused sickness.  Cabinet was relieved, but also in trouble.


“No one fesses up to the harassment but Cabinet.  Who is his accomplice? The note written to me was signed xoxo. I don’t recall anyone working for me with xoxo.  It has four letters, so it must have been four objects,” Telecom expressing his anger.


The situation was heating up.  Telecom was loosing his mind and getting angrier by the second.  Steam was shooting from his speakers.  He pressed his speaker phone button and turned up the volume.  “Now,” when he said that the glass from the indoor window to the conference room shattered. “I better get some answers.  ….who is your accomplice?” looking around the room.  Still no one raised a finger. 
“Okay here we go.” replied Telecom.


He grabbed Cabinet by his top drawer, pulled him to the front of the room and tossed him around like a ragdoll.  This created fear in the employees.  There is no rule or policy regarding brutality in the office.  Cabinet could barely speak, but to managed to say “Okay okay, I will tell you,” with weary thoughts rolling around.


“It was Glass, Spoon, and Plate.  They made me do it.”  Glass, Spoon, and Plate were in a gang called GASP.  They were notorious for pranks.


The GASP looked away and pretended like nothing was wrong.  It was obvious they did it.  Telecom was thrilled and gave them a handshake at the end of the conference. “Great work, same time next week,” he said.  Glass was upset because the window would not be replaced until two weeks later.  “We will have to rearrange our hazing schedule.”

© 2010 linton

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Added on August 16, 2010
Last Updated on August 16, 2010




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