What are Some Efficient Systems for Spring Cleaning?

What are Some Efficient Systems for Spring Cleaning?

A Story by Lisa Merry

A beverage like red wine is good for health and is also preferred in every party and occasions but whenever red wine spills or stains your carpet it becomes very difficult to deal with it. In this art

When it comes to spring cleaning, carpets tend to be an afterthought. You made have noticed the changes in your floorings while you have moved your furniture in a while. If the answer is yes, then you also need to consider carpet deep cleaning.

At a glance, your carpets might look to be perfectly cleaned, but in actual they are not and you would be surprised to see how dirty the carpets in your home could get. Carpets can attract and trap a lot of dirt and you would be surprised to learn that your carpet fibres are a home to a wide range of allergens. These include dirt, dust, dust mites, pet urine, pet hair, dead skin cells, insect faeces, mould and several varieties of bacteria.

Carpets are known to be hotspots for germs and you might be surprised in knowing that they can be 4000 times dirtier compared to your toilet seat. Recent studies and researches have shown that approximately 41 percent of adults in the UK have never undergone carpet sanitization.

The airborne allergens such as pollen and dander are trapped into the carpet. These allergens if stayed for a long time in the carpet can adversely affect the quality of air of your home, thereby triggering symptoms of allergens among your family members. The various techniques of carpet deep cleaning and carpet sanitization are capable of removing these contaminants by at least 65 percent in just one clean compared to that of vacuuming. In the later process, these contaminants are again released back into the air during the cleaning of the storage bag. The two prominent carpet deep cleaning systems undertaken by Oops Cleaning are HOST and Airflex Storm, both of which have been discussed below.

HOST: What is It and How Does It Work?

HOST is a dry extraction carpet cleaning technique, which is a soft natural, plant based cleaning product. It is environmentally responsible and works to wash and absorb dirt from the fibres of the carpet with very little usage of water.

The cleaner used in HOST consists of tiny sponges that has been moistened with water and detergent along with a small amount of cleaning liquid. HOST, mostly like sponge traps, dissolves as well as absorbs soil, spots and odour as it is brushed through the carpet. As a system of dry extraction cleaner, HOST carries liquid ingredients to the fibres of the carpet in a controlled way, which means that your carpet will be clean, dry and be ready for use immediately after the cleaning process.

HOST: The Cleaning Process

For a dry extraction carpet cleaning system with HOST, the following steps are followed while professional carpet deep cleaning.
It begins by thoroughly vacuuming the carpets with the help of an industrial strength vacuum cleaner for removing the dry soil. Paying particular attention to the high traffic areas of your carpet such as those in the doorways, stairways and hallways.
The carpet is then treated with a Pre-Clean treatment.
The agitation of the Pre-Clean treatment into the pile with the help of a professional rotary brushing machine help in lifting off the grease, stains and dirt.
After this process, the tough stains are treated with spot treatment.
HOST dry carpet cleaners can now be passed and applied over with a dry-clean agitation machine. This would ensure that the carpet has been brushed over the carpet in several directions so that it cleans all the sides of the carpet fibres.
Once, HOST has been completely dry the carpet is vacuumed again and are ready to be used immediately. Where it is required, a grooming brush is reset to the pile. This gives your carpet a new-like appearance.

HOST: Benefits of Deep Cleaning Carpets

There are several benefits of using HOST. Some of them has been discussed as under:

Removes stains and odours from spillages, foot traffic and accidents caused by pets.
The entire process is completely eco-friendly, as it has no harmful solvents or wet cleaning chemicals that produces lot of odour.
The process involves less use of water and is energy efficient as well.
Helps in reducing pet allergens, dust mites, and mould spores.
The carpets are deep cleaned and dries up with little down time.
It is the ideal carpet cleaning technique for carpet stain removal, particularly in the highest trafficked areas.

Airflex Storm: What is It and How Does It Work?

The Airflex Storm is an incredibly powerful 800psi extractor and cleans the carpet to its highest standards in a fraction of time compared to the other systems of carpet cleaning. The system is fitted with a powerful cleaning pump. This extractor is considered to be the most ideal for cleaning hard floors and carpets. It not only cleans the area in half the time of a standard twin vac machine, it helps in drying up the carpet also quickly. A strong vacuum motor system allows the wand to move quickly across the surface, thereby extracting dirt and moisture more efficiently.

Airflex Storm: The Cleaning Process

For deep extraction carpet cleaning using the Airflex Storm, following are the steps taken for through cleaning of the carpet:

The carpets are vacuumed with the help of an industrial strength vacuum cleaner. This helps in removal of dirt and lift up the carpet fibres.
A pre-treatment solution is applied in treating specific stains formed on the carpet.
A professional rotary brushing machine is used and the pre-treatment solution is worked on the carpet. This helps in effective carpet stain removal.
The dirt that has been suspended is then extracted with the help of high pressure extraction cleaning machine.
The carpet is then neutralized with a pH balanced rinsing aid. The carpets dries off within a few hours.
Where it is required, a grooming brush is also used. This helps in resetting the pile and gives your carpet a new-like appearance.

Airflex Storm: Benefits of Deep Cleaning Carpets

There are several benefits of using Airflex Storm carpet cleaning system. These include:

Efficient and powerful moisture and dirt extraction.
It helps in cleaning bacteria and relieves people from the allergies.
It is ideal to clean and carpet stain removal, particularly in high traffic areas.
Cleans the carpet in very less time and dries up the carpet faster
Removes stains and odours from spillages, foot traffic and pet accidents.

To Get the Services On Call

At Oops Cleaning, we offer a range of high quality services to homeowners, property owners as well as managers of the residential properties in Melbourne and surrounding areas. We provide professional, reliable and friendly services throughout the year. Our deep carpet cleaning services includes six stage extraction carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and dry extraction carpet cleaning. If you have stained and dirty carpets in your house or has odours, our professional carpet cleaning experts would give your carpet a new lease of life.

Whether you want to book a visit, request a quote or have an emergency that requires immediate attention, please get in touch with the number and email address provided at our website. We will provide seamless and hassle free same day Carpet Cleaning in Hobart.

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