5 Tips to Maintain Your Rugs and Carpets

5 Tips to Maintain Your Rugs and Carpets

A Story by Lisa Merry

This article would help you to know about different methods that can effectively remove mould from your carpet. You can seek the information mentioned-above for the effective removal of moulds.

Investing in carpets is undoubtedly a great idea. It adds beauty, artistry and elegance to your house and protects the floor covering too. When the house carpets are thoroughly cleaned and maintained in a good condition it also leaves a very good impression on the house owner.

It is really important to maintain the carpet’s quality and looks. However, maintaining the rugs and carpets in a clean and fresh condition is no simple task and requires regular care and time. It is neither difficult too. You can do it by following a few simple steps. In case you can’t exclude time from your busy schedules then you can take help from a professional carpet cleaning service.

Here are The 5 Tips to Maintain your Rugs and Carpets
Regular Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming is one of the most important things to maintain the carpet’s appearance and looks. There countless little dirt particles which keep float throughout the air and sits on everything including carpets too. thus, regular vacuuming help in removing all the diminutive dirt particles, odours and stains from carpets and keep it in a clean and fresh condition.
Rotation: Although, there might be some experts who affirm that carpet only needs to be rotated once a year. But it would be good if you rotate it every month. Particularly, when the carpet is placed in the high-traffic areas. Rotating will actually help in maintaining its appearance and quality of the fabrics.
Prevent It From The Sunlight: If you expose your carpets to direct sunlight then the sun rays might affect the carpet fabrics and its colour might begin to fade away. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent the carpet from being exposed to direct sunlight.
Clean The Spots As They Occur: You should clean the stains on time and any type of spots whenever they occur on your carpets. Because when the spots become old they become stubborn. Thus you can clean these type of spots from your carpets with the help of cloth and a few amounts of water. Just scrub the stain until it gets fade away.
Avoid Placing Heavy Furniture On Your Carpets: Placing heavy furniture on your carpets can actually damage the carpet fibres and can also lead to carpet wear & tear. If you do not place heavy furniture on your carpets then your carpet will last for a long time.

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