How to Remove Pests From Carpet?

How to Remove Pests From Carpet?

A Story by Lisa Merry

In this article, we will describe about How to Remove Pests From Carpet.


Pests are those kinds of insects that can adversely affect the quality of the carpet. If they are left without being treated, they multiply in number within no time. Removing pests from carpet is a very difficult task that requires continuous efforts. Carpet, if cleaned regularly, are well maintained and in good condition. It will have a good and healthy life. There is no need to get it replaced in short intervals. Making the most out of the one you have invested in, is a better option than buying a new one.  

Harmful Effects of Pests: 

Pests degrade the value of the carpet over some time after the attack. 

It is an open invitation to various types of diseases and allergic reactions. 

They are a sign of a dirty and unclean environment. It is considered that everything kept nearby such an infected carpet is contaminated.

It needs to be removed as soon as it is identified, else would contaminate all the other things in the house when it comes in contact.  

It can cause various health issues in children and pets. 

It is not safe for human beings as some pests can cause deadly diseases. 

How to Get Rid of Pests? 

There are several ways in which one can get away with the pests attack. There are certain signs to identify whether the carpet is infected or not and also the extent to which it is infected. One needs to look for certain signs such as the carpet’s surface getting rough, carpet is losing strength, it is being easily torn, particles are coming out of it, etc. 

What are the Suggestive Methods that Can Be Followed to Remove Pests From the Carpet? 

Pests removal from carpet is an art and the artist that performs this activity is a professional carpet cleaner. Yes, it is a separate profession in which people are trained, equipped, skilled to perform such tasks in a safe environment for their customers. It is an important task to get rid of pests from the carpet and there are many ways in which it can be done. Few are highlighted below: 

  • Hire a professional carpet cleaner: Getting help from a professional is a bliss. They are well-trained in performing their tasks and can provide the best results in no time. The effortless services of a professional will help you to save a lot of money and time together.  

  • Vacuum clean carpet regularly: Vacuuming should be done as a daily cleaning is performed at the house. It will help to remove dirt and dust particles from the carpet. The major requirement of cleaning the house tidy and neat can be achieved by vacuuming the carpet. But getting it deep cleaned is the job of a professional carpet cleaner. 

  • Use insecticides to get the carpet free from insects: Usage of insecticides will help to kill the insects that are living under the carpet. It should be sprayed for at least three hours. For effective results, the doors of the house must be kept closed and the cleaning of the carpet should be done after twenty-four hours. The cleaning should be dry and no wet mopping should be performed for the next 2 days.  

  • Spread boric acid all over the carpet: Boric acid is an instant cure for killing the pests and getting them off from the carpet. It is best for the carpet which has light color as boric acid is purely white and it cannot be completely removed without wet washing. It is only preferred with light color carpet and it should be applied for at least 2 days for effective results. 

  • Using vinegar to get rid of the pests: Vinegar has acidic properties that can easily kill pests. A simple spray of vinegar with water will do wonders. There is just a single issue, it will smell for a while but will get evaporated within no time. The carpet will become pests free when it is covered completely from one edge to another.  

  • Cleaning of pillows and clothes covers: It is necessary to clean the pillows and clothes cover timely. Sofa covers should be cleaned at regular intervals. As these are a part of the living room and pests can easily hide in them when any cure is done. It is better to be a hundred percent sure about the complete removal of the pests from the carpet. The major issue is not cleaning them rather is to keep them pest free. It requires efforts and proper time. 

Methods that are suggested above will solve the issue of pests and will control the situation. It requires long term commitment of an individual to ensure that the carpet is pests free. Every carpet owner requires to be realistic and look for signs. In case they discover any pests, they should immediately call for the same day pest control services. There are many options available in the market and one should choose the best one for long term benefits.  

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