Few Initial Symptoms Of Flea Infestation

Few Initial Symptoms Of Flea Infestation

A Story by Lisa Merry

In this Article we will describe about Few Initial Symptoms Of Flea Infestation.


Fleas are small bugs and in most cases, they stay invisible to our eyes. You usually don’t see fleas flying around your home, even if you are having a pet at your home. If left untreated at the right time, then fleas can be irritating and annoying for anyone.

If you are having a pet at your home then it is advisable to opt for the regular flea control treatment. This is to ensure that fleas don’t infest your home. There are many signs and symptoms that can be your early indications that you and your pet animal may be infected.

If you are dealing with flea related issues for the very first time, then identifying these symptoms may not be easy. So as per veterinarians, if you have pets then proper control is advisable.

Biting, Licking or Abnormal Scratching

Fleas will mostly infest your pet animal in the first stage before they could get transmitted to you. So your first signs and symptoms could, in fact, be made when observing your pet. Being arthropods, fleas can be rated as highly opportunistic by nature.

Fleas commonly feed on the blood of your pet animal. They can easily get inside the fur or coat of the pet animal from outdoors. As they don’t fly, so they are rarely noticeable. They can reach out and hide near the collar, ears, eyes, paws or underarms of your pet animal.

Your animal when infected by fleas may show signs of licking and scratching or biting the infected area. The moment you notice these signs in your pet animal, it is the right time to take precautions for flea removal.

Develops Red Patches

It is certain that fleas will start sucking blood once it has infested you or your pet animal. The moment it sucks blood the area will develop red patches very often. This is because of the infected saliva that can trigger an allergic reaction on the skin layer. If you notice red patches developing on the skin of your pet animal, then it can be considered as an early symptom of flea infestation.

If left untreated this patch could, in fact, get more severe and cover up most skin within the nearby area.

Hair fall

Another most common symptom that your pet animal is infected with flea is to monitor the hair fall ratio. It is certain that any pet animal generally shows signs of hair fall, but when infected with flea, the hair growth will generally get affected.

So flea infection can also result in the condition that is very much similar to alopecia. This is also considered a symptom that is common if humans get infested by fleas.

Affected Gums

In case your pet animal is infected by fleas then he is consistently losing his blood. This is one of the conditions that can lead to the anaemic condition, even in animals.  So if your pet animal has pale gums then it could be early signs of flea infestation.

Another most common symptom would also include the accumulation of brown spots on the affected area of your pet animal.

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