Who Do You Call If You Smell Gas?

Who Do You Call If You Smell Gas?

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Natural gas is one of the most vital resources that we need in our daily lives. However, when the gas leaks, the situation becomes potentially dangerous. Now, gas leakage can be due to various reasons. If you know how to detect the leak, then you have a slight advantage.

Did you know that even the slightest bit of gas smell in the air can cause a massive explosion? Yes! All it needs is a spark. Moreover, inhaling the gas can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Are you wondering �" who do you call if you smell gas? Read on to the section below to know more about this.

Who To Call When You Smell Gas?

If you are thinking - who do you call if you smell gas? Then you are in the right place. You must place the first call to a Licensed Professional Plumber or gas fitter. Next, you must also get in touch with the fire department and the emergency services.

What Does a Gas Fitter Do?

A gas fitter is a professional who deals with natural gas fixtures and appliances. This includes installation, repair, maintenance, and various other services related to gas. Some of the services are �"

Installation of the gas pipes

Testing of the pipes used in gas appliances

Installation of LPG systems

Understanding and assessing specifications, plans, and blueprints

Measuring and making required adjustments in the place where the gas installation will take place

Installation of all equipment that deals with gas

Detection of gas leakage

Installation of flues

Installation of gas regulating and gas detection devices

Replacement of defective gas appliances and their parts

Conduct complete maintenance

Are you still wondering - who do you call if you smell gas?

Gas Plumbers Sydney

How To Choose a Gas Fitter?

Choosing the right gas plumbers or the fitters is of paramount importance. It is because if you choose someone who is not qualified, you risk your home getting damaged. Moreover, you want to be sure that the gas is no longer in the house, making the air breathable again.

Who do you call if you smell gas? It is obvious that you need to get in contact with gas fitters. However, there are some parameters that you can take into account before making the decision.


All the professional gas fitters have the required license and certification. Make sure that you are hiring the certified gas fitters. There is no need to feel embarrassed as you are only doing your due diligence.

High school diploma

The road to being a qualified gas plumber begins with having a high school diploma. Check out if the person you want to choose has it. The presence of this diploma means that they have the mindset required to handle emergencies while working.


Apprenticeship is a vital part of choosing the best gas fitters. With the aid of this program, they get real hands-on experience and understand the practicalities of various situations. In most cases, they won’t get the license without the apprenticeship.


Experience is one of the most vital criteria that you must take into account. The more experience a gas fitter has, the more assurance you will feel. With increasing experience, you know that they can handle the crisis with ease.


Check out if the gas fitters are using the latest tools. With the recent technologies and latest equipment, it takes less time to get the work done. Moreover, it also enhances the safety aspect.


Another aspect that you must consider is availability. Check out if they are offering emergency services. It will help you in the event that you have a gas leak in the middle of the night or the crack of dawn.

These are some of the factors that can help you to choose the right gas plumber.  Keep in mind that hiring amateurs or unlicensed professionals may cost you less. However, you will also be taking an active risk. Make sure that you understand the consequences before making any decision. Now you know - who do you call if you smell gas?

Bonus: Feel free to ask any questions that you want before making any commitments. It is advisable not to hold back or refrain from yourself.

Unsure Who To Call if You Smell Gas? Get in Touch With Us Now!

Are you unsure who do you call if you smell gas? There are varied reasons that can lead to gas leaking smell. Regardless of the reason, the situation must be taken seriously. Even the slightest quantity of gas in the air can lead to massive consequences. It is why you must get in touch with the professionals as soon as possible. In this particular scenario, it is better not to try anything. What you can do is evacuate the house, open the windows, and make the call outside the house.

We, SOS Gas Fitter and Plumbers Sydney offers different types of plumbing services. It also entails services related to gas appliances. We have an expert team of gas fitters and technicians that can handle any issue. They assess the situation and take appropriate steps. Rest assured, we prioritise safety above anything else.

You can rely on us to help you get rid of this issue. We use the latest tools in the market and opt for the safest route. Moreover, we offer affordable price quotes. We also understand that emergencies can happen at any time. It is why we are open all the time. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will be there immediately!

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