Water Leak From Pipe Joints How To Stop

Water Leak From Pipe Joints How To Stop

A Story by Lisa Merry

Water Leak From Pipe Joints How To Stop

Not every plumbing leak is the same. It means that the location of the leakage and its severity plays a major role in determining the kind of havoc it can cause. Some leaks cause limited damage and are restricted to annoying sounds. Others have the potential to flood your home and damage the structural integrity. No matter the type of leak, fixing it is vital. Now, there are some DIY tricks that you can use to repair the water leak from pipe joints. However, if the issue remains, get in touch with the professionals immediately.

Steps To Fix The Water Leak From Pipe Joints

There are some steps that you can employ to repair the water leak from pipe joints. But, before that, you need to collect certain tools. Take a look at the tools and materials listed here.


Adjustable wrench

Teflon tape

Wrench set

Teflon pipe joint compound

Supply tubes (flexible)

After you have assembled all the tools, you can start the process. Read on to the section below to know more about stopping water leak from pipe joints.

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Step 1: Use the Teflon tape

The foremost thing that you must do is turn off the water supply. Then, use the Teflon tape and wrap it around the pipe. Make sure that you do it in the clockwise direction. In most cases, wrapping it three times is enough.  However, sometimes, you may come across several loose fittings. In that case, you will need to wrap it 4-5 times.

Step 2: Put the pipe joint compound

For added measure, take some pipe joint compound and smear it over the Teflon tape. It is to ensure that the repair remains in place for a long time. Make sure that the compound is compatible with the type of pipe you have.

Step 3: Make use of the wrenches

After that, you must use the wrenches to tighten the connections. Also, you need to remove the excess compound that sticks around. This is vital in �" how to fix water leak from pipe joints.

Step 4: Use the pipe joint compound on the ferrule

The next step involves the usage of the pipe joint compound. Now, you must lubricate the ferrule as well as the brass ring. When you lubricate it, it assists the ferrule in moving down the pipe and then fits perfectly into the recessed fitting.

Step 5: Screw the compression fitting

Now, you must again ensure that the compression fitting is screwed properly. If there is any misalignment, you have the risk of leakage.

Step 6: Lubricate the pipe

The joints present on the chrome trap are dependent on the washers. These often cause leaks. If you are putting in new slip joint washers, then make sure to lubricate them properly. Sometimes, they may get stuck to the pipe. When you use the pipe joint compound, the washer moves with ease and forms an effective seal.

Step 7: Reassemble the pipe

First, try to use your hands to put the slip joint nut back in place. Make sure it aligns perfectly. Then, you must ensure that all the components of the trap are in symmetry, if it is not, there will be a leak. After that, you must use the large pliers to give an additional tightening to the nuts.

Step 8: Select an appropriate supply tube

You can choose the braided supply lines for this. They do not require any cutting. These have rubber gaskets at both the ends. Also, you do not have to employ much force and are found in varying lengths. Moreover, try to avoid the chrome or copper supply lines. These are tricky to cut and bend. If you are not experienced doing this work, you will face difficulties.

Bonus: Make sure that you do not over tighten the nuts.

Having Issues With The Pipe Joint Leaks? Get in Touch With The Experts Now!

There are various causes that can lead to water leak from pipe joints. It is vital that you know about the causes and employ the preventive steps to avoid the scenario altogether. Fortunately, there are some DIY steps that you can follow to fix the issue. However, if you can’t or the problem persists, you must call in the professionals!

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