How to Change a Tap Washer in 5 Simple Steps

How to Change a Tap Washer in 5 Simple Steps

A Story by Lisa Merry

How to Change a Tap Washer follow our 5 Simple Steps to fix the tap washer. These tips are suggested by the Sydney Plumbing expert from Plumbers Today.


Does the dripping sound of the tap trigger off you? Unfortunately, a leaky tap is one of the most common plumbing annoyances in a household. Moreover, the situation escalates quickly. For instance, soon you will encounter water damage. Furthermore, you will also have to worry about the water bill. In essence, knowing the simple DIY steps to fix the issue is crucial. Do you want to know how to change a tap washer?

Simple 5 steps to change a tap washer

There are multiple steps that you must follow to install a new tap washer. However, before you know how to change a tap washer, you must gather some plumbing tools.

Materials that you need for the tap repair or to change a tap washer�"

  • Cloth

  •  Pliers

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Tweezers

  • Spanners

  • New tap washer

Now that you have collected these tools, you can start the DIY tap washer changing project. However, make sure that you get help from experts if you are unable to do it on the first try.


Pull off the tap button

Before you start with the process of installing the new washer, you must turn off the water supply. You can do this either by locating the isolation valve or the stop valve. After that, turn the tap on to let the excess water flush out.

After this, you must find the tap button. It is generally present on the top part of the tap. With the use of a flathead screwdriver, you must unfasten the tap button. The removal of the tap button is essential to take a look at the inner parts.

Note: You can put a cloth over the basin to prevent the flushing down of the plumbing tools.

Unfasten the handle and tap skirt

The next step involves detaching the tap handle. You will find a screw just beneath the tap button. Now that you have found it, use a screwdriver to unscrew it. For this, you will have to turn it in the counterclockwise direction. After you remove the screw, you will be able to unfasten the handle.

Next, you must remove the skirt. For this, you will need the pliers.

Detach the tap bonnet and washer

To unfasten the tap bonnet, you must take the aid of a spanner. After you remove the bonnet, you will be able to locate the jumper valve. When you remove it, you will come across the washer.

In some cases, the washer is tightly fixed with a screw. Use a screwdriver and tweezers to take out the tap washer.

Put in the new washer

There are various types of tap washers that are available. Make sure that you find the exact model as the previous one. If you do not find the correct one, you will have issues in fitting it inside. To make sure that you make the correct purchase, take the old one as a sample when you visit the hardware store.

With the aid of pliers or tweezers, put the new tap washer in place of the old one. It is also the perfect time to clean up the sediment deposit.

Reassemble the tap

Now, the last step is the reassembling of the parts that you have removed. For this, you must follow the same exact procedure but in the reverse direction. Moreover, you must make sure that the screws are tightened properly.

After the tap is reassembled, turn on the water supply. Check if there is still any leak or not. However, if the leak persists, take the help of the experts.

Unable to install a new tap washer? Recruit expert plumbers now!

The most common cause of replacing the old tap washer is wear and tear. It can ultimately cause leaks that can lead to other severe consequences. If you find a dripping tap, try to replace the washer. It might actually stop the leak, but for that, you must know how to change a tap washer. However, if you have issues or changing it doesn't solve the leak problem, get in touch with the experts immediately!

There are many Local Plumber in St Clair who are providing a wide array of plumbing services. The team of skilled plumbers has the expertise and technical training needed to conduct efficient work. Moreover, they use high-quality tools and opt for the best solution possible.

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