A Chapter by Gregory Stires

this poem about the constellation Draco.




Dragon of the starry night,

The two hundred eyed dragon,

Born of  Echidna and Typhon

the parents of monsters,

Guardian of the Hesperides garden where immortal apples of golden hue grow,

Hera's gift to Zeus on their day of matrimony,

Guarded within the sunset garden,

On his eleventh labor

Hercules came forth to steal the golden treasures,

Great ladon fought valiantly

but it was in vain,

For not even a dragon's might

could withstand the venom of the many headed hydra,

Hundred headed dragon slowly died from the venom coated arrows,

For his great effort

Hera patron of women

placed him in the night sky



© 2016 Gregory Stires

Author's Note

Gregory Stires
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Added on February 12, 2016
Last Updated on May 17, 2016
Tags: dragon, draco, ladon, golden apples, hercules, Hera, greek mythology, poetry, poetry anthology, free verse poem