Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by literarygirl37

Lunch and lots of talking.


                I didn’t think about what it meant. It wouldn’t have made any difference. If I were thinking, that is. All I knew was that I loved her and needed her.


                Lunch rolled around quickly and I met up with Tasha outside the cafeteria. Lee, Manda, and Cathy showed up a minute later.

                “Where would you lovely ladies like to go?” Cathy asked, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Lee pretended to consider for a second. They knew where they wanted to go. They always went to the same place. Before anyone could say it, Madison walked over. Tasha groaned.

                “I’m out of here.” Without another word, she turned on her heel and left. Cathy turned and glared at Madison as Bonnie ran after her friend.

                “What do you want?” Cathy asked, acid in her voice. Madison smiled sweetly. Lee frowned angrily.

                “Well, I didn’t know what you girls were doing for lunch. I thought you might like to eat together.” Bonnie walked back over with Tasha, who continued to glare at the blonde. Manda raised her eyebrows.

                “Look, Madison, I know that we walked to school together and everything, but I promised my friends I’d hang out with them today for lunch. Maybe some other time.” Cathy’s voice seemed light and fun, but her friends could hear her annoyance. Madison put on a fake pout.

                “Can’t I come? I wouldn’t want to have to tell Daddy that I ate all alone today. You know how upset Daddy gets when I’m sad. But if you really don’t want to…” She trailed off. Cathy bit her lip nervously.

                “Well… I guess it would be okay for you to come. It is your first day here and everything. That’s alright, isn’t it guys?” She looked at her friends, silently pleading with them to understand. Manda and Lee shared a look and turned to Bonnie, who sighed and looked at Tasha.

                “It’s up to Tasha.” The brunette pursed her lips. Bonnie squeezed her hand gently, trying to reassure her. Butterflies swarmed in her stomach.

                “It’s your choice, baby. If you don’t want to go, we won’t go,” Bonnie whispered softly in her ear. Tasha shook her head.

                “No, let’s go. I don’t really want to eat here anyway.” Cathy smiled appreciatively at her friend. Lee continued to glare at the intruder.

                “You owe me,” Tasha mouthed to Cathy, who nodded.

                “Well, are you guys ready to go?” She asked, looking at the group. They all nodded. Madison smiled widely.

                “Yes, of course. I’m ready as soon as you ladies are. Where are we eating again? I must have missed it where you said.” Manda gritted her teeth.

                “That’s because we didn’t say,” she muttered under her breath. Lee had to keep herself from giggling. Cathy smiled slightly before turning back to Madison.

                “We’re going to a little coffee shop. They have some really good sandwiches and crepes,” Cathy informed her.

                “Not to mention the best coffee in Seattle,” Bonnie added. Manda shot her a glare.

                “Don’t talk to that b***h,” she whispered. Madison either didn’t hear, or pretended not to hear. Cathy shook her head.

                “Lee works there, so we go there a lot.” Lee frowned at Cathy. She wasn’t supposed to be this welcoming. Cathy was not going to be part of their group.

                “Let’s just get this over with,” Manda said, walking out the door. The other girls followed her quickly. The walk to the café was quiet, no one knowing quite what to say. When they finally got there, they all sat down, still not knowing what to say. A pretty girl with golden blonde hair and big hoop earrings walked over to the table. Her stomach underneath the apron she wore swelled with life.

                “Hi ladies. How are you doing on this lovely day?” Her southern drawl was a warm welcome after the drama with Madison. Bonnie felt herself smiling.

                “Hi Jenny. We’re doing all right. How are you? How’s the baby?” Jenny placed a hand on her stomach.

                “She’s doing good. She just keeps a-kickin away. Would you like some pie? Coffee?” Manda laughed.

                “She? I thought you weren’t going to find out what it was,” Bonnie asked. Jenny smiled widely, rubbing her swollen stomach.

                “Oh, I don’t know for sure. But a mother always has a gut feeling. And my gut’s telling me it’s a girl. You sound like Jake, honey. He keeps telling me I’m crazy. ‘Jenny, there ain’t no way you know what that baby’s gonna be. You’re just being silly.’” Her voice dropped an octave to imitate her husband. Bonnie giggled.

                “Well, enough about me. What can I get you ladies today?” The six girls ordered and Jenny left, humming under her breath. Madison stood up.

                “Excuse me for just a second; I need to use the ladies room.” Lee rolled her eyes behind Madison’s back.

                “Snob,” Manda muttered under her breath. Bonnie noticed that Tasha had yet to say a word since arriving at the coffee shop. She nudged her under the table. Cathy gave Manda a pointed look.

                “Could you guys please just try to be nice to her? She’s actually pretty nice. You just have to get to know her,” Cathy pleaded. Lee’s jaw dropped.

                “Excuse me? Are you serious? Cathy, she’s a b***h. What’s gotten into you?” Manda snapped. Cathy sighed.

                “Nothing. I just think we judged her too quickly. I think we should give her another chance. Please? For me?” Lee pursed her lips.

                “Look, I’m not going to get into this. If Tasha stays, I’ll stay,” Lee said. Manda and Bonnie nodded in agreement. Cathy looked at Tasha.

                “I don’t know,” Tasha whispered quietly. Before anyone got a chance to say anything more, Bonnie’s phone began singing.


                “Bonnie? Is that you girlie?” Bonnie grinned at the sound of her favorite aunt’s voice.

                “Hi Aunt Cara. Yeah, it’s me, Bonnie. What’s up?” Cara was the youngest of Enya’s five siblings. At only 34, she had always been more like a sister to Bonnie. Not that they saw each other much. Cara still lived in Ireland, but she came to Seattle several times a year.

                “Well, there’s just something I wanted to tell you. You aren’t at school right now, are you?” Bonnie laughed.

                “No, Aunt Cara. I’m at lunch right now. So what is it you’re wanting to tell me?” Bonnie had to admit that she was curious.

                “I hope this is good news… We’re moving to Seattle!!” Cara exclaimed.

                “AHHHH!!!!!” Bonnie squealed. “Yay!!! Oh, I’m so excited! When are you coming?”

                “Next week. I’m going to stay with Shannon and Bree until I get my own place. Little Lacy is so excited. Vanessa, of course, doesn’t understand. Here’s the thing. I haven’t told your mother.” Bonnie sucked in a breath.

                “Aunt Cara, I love you, you know that, but I’m not telling Mom.” Cara sighed. She and Enya had always been close until six years ago when Cara got pregnant. Enya had yelled and yelled about how Cara had learned nothing from her own mistakes and now she was following in her big sister’s footsteps. They had hardly talked in the last six years. Two years ago, Cara had had a second baby. Bonnie loved to two little girls to death.

                “I know, girlie. I wouldn’t expect you to. That wouldn’t be very fair of me, would it?” Bonnie didn’t say anything.

                “How did the rest of the family take it?” Bonnie asked, remembering how bitter her grandmother was about Enya’s move to the States. Cara laughed.

                “Well, Mom wasn’t exacted thrilled, but she wasn’t as upset as when I got pregnant, so I guess that’s a good thing. Dad was Dad. Abby, Molly, and Brandon are wrapped up in their own lives, so they didn’t really react much. They said they’d miss me. Shannon’s excited, though!” Both girls laughed. Shannon, the middle sister, had come out as a lesbian when she was twenty-two, right before eloping with her girlfriend, Bree. Together, the two women had three children, the oldest only two years younger than Bonnie. Shannon and Bree had moved to Seattle after eloping.

                “I’m sure she is, seeing as you’re the only one in the family who will talk to her!” Bonnie exclaimed. Bonnie’s grandmother, Felicity, had disowned Shannon as soon as she came out. Besides Bonnie, who talked to her aunt behind her mother’s back, Cara was the only person in the family who talked to Shannon.

                “Well, I guess I better get around to calling your mother. And let you get back to your lunch. I’m sure your friends are waiting, huh?” Bonnie laughed.

                “Yeah, kind of. I’m so glad you’re coming here! I can’t wait to see you.” Cara sighed.

                “Oh, girlie, I can’t wait to see you either. I love you.” Bonnie smiled sadly.

                “I love you too, Aunt Cara.” With another sigh, she hung up her phone.

                “That was my aunt. She’s moving to Seattle,” Bonnie explained apologetically to her friends as Madison came back to the table. Jenny came over holding a large serving platter.

                “Your aunt’s moving here?” She asked. Bonnie nodded. Jenny smiled, placing a bowl of soup in front of Manda.

                “That’s nice. Are you two close? Hey, does she have a job? I sure could use another hand around here.” Lee opened her mouth to protest, but Jenny waved her off.

                “Oh, honey, you’re wonderful, but you’re in school all day. Plus, I’m going to be having a baby in a few months. I’m going to need some help.” Lee shut her mouth, unable to argue with her boss’s point. Bonnie smiled.

                “Yeah, we’re really close. I’m not sure if she has something lined up here. I will definitely make sure to tell her about this. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.” Jenny laughed, then winced, placing a hand on her stomach.

                “She kicked,” Jenny explained, a wide smile filling her face, revealing her slightly crooked teeth. Bonnie laughed.

                “Aww, that’s so sweet.” Jenny grinned up at the teenager.

                “Wanna feel?” She asked. Bonnie beamed, lightly placing her hand next to Jenny’s. A tiny flutter came from the older woman’s belly, making Bonnie giggle slightly with amazement.

                “Umm, as sweet as this is and all, lunch is almost over. We should probably start getting back to the school,” Lee reminded the group, glancing at her watch. Bonnie sighed. Of course they had to get back to school. Cathy handed Jenny a fifty-dollar bill.

                “Keep the change,” Cathy said lightly. Jenny gaped at the bill. It was a huge tip.

                “Thank you!” She exclaimed. Cathy shrugged.

                “You have a baby coming.” Jenny smiled, waved goodbye, and headed to the back. The six girls started back to the school.

                “I don’t wanna go back to school!” Tasha whined, speaking for the first time. Bonnie linked their arms, feeling the butterflies once again. Tasha’s phone rang, a loud blaring song. She fumbled to open it.

                “Hello? I’m at school… Yes, I know… I’m sorry… I can’t skip again… Yes… Ok… I’ll be there in five minutes.” She snapped the phone shut. Bonnie gave her a questioning look.

                “I have to go. I’m sorry. Could you cover for me? Tell the nurse I came down with stomach poisoning or something. I’ll owe you forever.” She wrapped Bonnie in a tight hug. Bonnie nodded.

                “Yeah, of course. Is everything okay? Did something happen?” Bonnie whispered worriedly. Tasha shook her head against her best friend.

                “No, everything’s fine. I just have to go.” Bonnie frowned.

                “Okay… Call me later.” Tasha nodded, gave Bonnie a quick kiss on the forehead, and ran off. Bonnie’s head spun and she nearly collapsed from the lack of air she had from feeling Tasha’s lips on her face. What was this feeling? Why was she feeling it? She and Tasha hugged and kissed each other all the time. And yet, it’d never felt like this before. And once again, much like in class earlier, Bonnie found herself ignoring everything else and thinking about Natasha Carmen Garcia.

© 2010 literarygirl37

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