Home sweet home

Home sweet home

A Story by indu

Conversation between a mother and daughter - Indian family


Scene: Home sweet home.


(The TV was On. AN idle watcher with the switching channels, seated comfortably yet with tense mind, on the sofa)

(The TLC channel. 6 degrees -A travel show was being aired)


me: I wish I could go to Dublin. The coldness in the air, the fog, and the white horses...

(Asha Gill looked cheerful and happy in the presence of the new white soil)

me : I wish I was her. I could have travelled like her. To be free, to wander, to know the world..


(Amma came in from the kitchen, stood next to me, with a curious question mark growing in the face)

Amma: God, look at this girl, always watching T.V.! (Her sweaty hands went straight to her forehead, calling the heavens upon, to bestow a sudden rush of adrenaline in me that I would switch off the T.V. run(literally, run) to my room, take my physics text and read it loud, louder, the loudest that even the patti amma would by-heart the equations once in for all!) 

Me: Maa, I was studying till now.. trulyyyy..

Amma: Hmm..Don't make me tell your father. Switch it off and study. Always before the T.V. (Turning towards the T.V.) At least why can't you put some local channels. Do you always have to see these white skinned barely dressed ladies? 

Me: Maa.. the anchor is an Indian. 

(She again gave me the usual curious look).

Amma: My god!!! don't keep your legs on the table..Sin, my child, oh god, why is the new generation like this..God, protect my girl from evil eyes" (she sighed, closed her eyes for a moment. Then turned back and went to her place, the kitchen).


Me: Hmm.. I wish.. oh forget it! I dont need to travel (though I want to)..I dont want to go to parties..(may be to some Night parties..and a little booze).. I guess, I will be here..for the rest of my time, waiting for my husband and children in future as my amma does.. And her kitchen will be my world.. pretty soon. 


(Switching off the T.V., Jaya walked back to her room, bolted the door behind her, and stood there with her back leaning on the door)

Already a proposal has come, he is in madurai. An accountant in a private company, good money-as the relatives say, I don’t know him and I definitely don’t know what to expect of him. (she thought to herself)

Amma: Jaya.. are you studying?

Me: Ahh..amma..kavalapedathemma!

(What to worry about, amma? After this degree examination, you could proudly marry me off. A bride with a science degree! 

me- Right, as if that could make me any better in kitchen or in bed.. She couldn't stop giggling at her own thought.

(Hmm..  The coldness in the air, the fog, and the white horses.. With the physics texts in her hand, her mind wandered to the unknown land.) 

© 2010 indu

Author's Note

Just a usual scene from a traditional indian family where the girls still doesn't have a voice in deciding about their own life..of course, with time, such a scene is diminishing..
Amma - Mother
Patti Amma - Grand mother
kavalapedathemma - Don't worry, ma

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i guess so..

Posted 9 Years Ago

the whole thing could have come right off the t.v. that's on in the other room, where Sudos is watching his afternoon soap opera, and paying no attention to what...

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 16, 2010
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