Innocent Bliss.

Innocent Bliss.

A Poem by Mrs Mania

I found a ~much~ older poem of mine. This was written back on December 23, 2011.


~Innocent Bliss~

It was a love so deep;

A love so strong,

A love so beautiful;

A love so destructible,

It was a love so irresistible;

A love so irreplaceable,

A love so memorable;

A love so forgotten,

It was a love so real;

A love so fake,

A love so wrong;

A love so right,

It was a love fulfilled;

A love gone to waist,

Two sweethearts who were meant to be;

Two lovers who were torn away,

It was a love lost;

And yet never found,

A clever heart break;

In exchange for the gift of strength,

And a mask to hide the pain.

It was a love;

A love unlike any other~


I gave you my heart;

You let it fall,

When it hit the bottom;

It broke into two,

When it came back together;

To form as one once again,

You took it back;

You took my heart,

You took it and threw it;

When you threw it,

It broke;

It broke and it shattered.

~A broken heart can be fixed;

But a heart that is shattered can never be replaced,

And can never go back to its original form.

I may have broken yours,

But you have once again shattered mine.

© 2017 Mrs Mania

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Wow so very powerful and emotional! expressed well

Posted 9 Months Ago

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(wipes away tears) This poem speaks to my very soul. Such depth and sadness and despair. (applauds)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Devastatingly Passionless

Great Read


Posted 2 Years Ago

terrible feelings,sometimes we do things not really thinking and we shatter a true love like this,i`m sure he regrets it,maybe you can give him a second chance

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Mrs Mania
Mrs Mania

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A Poem by Mrs Mania

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