My Comrade

My Comrade

A Poem by Mrs Mania

"Pray for your circle, because when the enemy can't touch you, he'll begin testing everyone and everything around you".

~Little did you know,
You taught me how to fly. 
I held my heart wide open
Never wanting to say goodbye.

You say I am unpredictable.
But even in the pain,
Has my love for you ever faltered?
Even now and forever,
I will always love you.~
Little do you know,
I am a protector. I am a fighter.
I am a soldier,
Constantly battling for the ones who are precious to me. 
At first I fought alone,
Always ready to stand head to head with danger.
My focus was unbreakable. 
But you soon became my comrade, my partner. 
And suddenly the risk became much greater.
Suddenly, there was so much more to lose. You.

The odds were against us,
But somehow we managed.
We put our backs together,
As we slaughtered any temptation that came our way.
We kept moving,
As we both trampled the skeletons of our past.
Every now and then,
We made time to wrestle in the bones,
Just like little children playing in the mud.
We laughed and brushed each other off,
Mending each other with encouragement and gentleness. 
When we reached the top, our destination of peace and love was in our sight. 
It was everything I could have ever hoped for and more.
We looked at each other and smiled. 
But I became unsettled, a warning in my spirit telling me to, "be ready".
These words came from our commander,
But your ear piece was broken in the battle. Mine was still in tact.
I did not want to be the one to tell you that there was still more to face,
So I withheld the information.
You see, I never feared battling evil when it was just me, myself, and I.
But when it came time for us to withstand a trial together,
My focus shifted,
And fear overcame my very being.
I looked down over the hill, and watched as our enemies came rushing in. 
I looked back over at you,
The expression of shock, fear, and uncertainty now smeared across your face.
You were shell shocked.
Time was of the essence now.
If I had another chance,
I would have passed on the information to you.
It would have scared you,
But only for a moment.
I would have taken a few extra minutes,
To inspire you, 
To encourage you.
It was my responsibility to fill you with hope, before the next wave came.
They began to rush in one by one,
As you were still frozen in place.
I pushed you back and picked up my weapon, charging head first in the direction of our opposers.
I fought brutally.
I fought viciously.
I fought savagely. 
But most of all,
I fought desperately.
I was fighting for us!
And I was successful...
There was just but one opponent left-
an opponent I had faced many times before.
An opponent that has left me broken, beaten, and scarred in previous battles.
This last fight.. it was personal.
Our swords collided.
I gritted my teeth,
Drawing from my own strength and energy.
This was not our first encounter,
But this time I had something to fight for.
I could not afford to lose.
The love for my partner enhanced my senses.
I fought back harder, faster, stronger.
I knocked the sword from my enemy's hand,
and just as I was about to take a step forward,
I felt a cold, stinging sensation.
Warm, red liquid trickled down my back.
I looked over my shoulder,
Surprised to see my comrade standing there.
I turned all the way around to face him.
Betrayal flowed through my veins, my arteries overflowed with rejection, and my heart began to pump contempt.
I pulled out the knife he had stabbed in my back, and pointed it to him.
We charged and wrestled each other to the ground.
We fought dirty- forgetting our training, and the lessons that we had acquired over the years. 
We threw sand in each other's eyes,
Slashing each other with violent words.
We held each other by the throat.
This wasn't going anywhere,
We were equally matched,
Each of us more than capable of destroying the other.
After hours of holding each other by the neck,
I finally looked into his eyes and saw past the pain and the rage,
I saw beauty in the man I had the pleasure of fighting along side for so many years now.
Undoubtedly, he is my best friend.
It was not enough for me to merely loosen my grip, so I decided to let go altogether.
His grip on my throat remained however, and I begged for my comrade's mercy.
His eyes were cold, and his voice when he spoke was even more chilling.
Through gritted teeth, he spoke. "Why didn't you tell me there were more coming?!"
He let go of my neck, but I did not have a good answer for him.
It was my duty, my responsibility to fill us with hope before each trial.
In complete dismay, I watched as he walked away.
I turned back around to face my opponent, but he was no longer there.
While my comrade and I were busy fighting each other,
He had taken advantage of the opportunity to flee.
I looked down at my hands, feeling empty- feeling numb.
I knew that this would only be the beginning,
The beginning of a lifetime of pain and regret for the both of us.

For several days,
I left myself alone in a pool of my sorrow.
I buried my head and face in the sand, blinding myself.
Our dreams were left in ruins all around me.
We had built a foundation together of love and trust.
And now here I sit,
Cradling the crumbled pieces. Clinging to the broken pieces of what remains. 
Though broken, guilty, and unmotivated,
I knew I could not lay here in the devastation forever.
I clicked a button on my ear piece,
Trying to get a hold of my commander,
but there was nothing but static. 
I sat back down in the sand and closed my eyes.
When I opened them, I noticed that my comrade's footprints were still in the sand from when he had decided to walk away.
I reminisced on all of our missions together,
And reflected back on our laughs and even our tears.
The truth is, we were always stronger as one.
We were the perfect team, and when we stood united, there was nothing that we could not achieve. 
I began to set off in his direction,
The whole time praying that one day,
Love, caring, gentleness, and honesty would fill his heart again. 

© 2020 Mrs Mania

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