The ninth of May - The fifteenth of June.

The ninth of May - The fifteenth of June.

A Story by Maggie

Your heart is heavy,your body aches. You feel your heart beating,but it doesn't seem real,it feels far away,further than it should be. Slow blinks allow tears to fall,your lips start to quiver and this is the breaking point. The pressure is released,all the things that have been building and building,they fall away. You're empty again.

Now you feel nothing. There is nothing. Feelings are non-existent,words fail to fall past your lips,you lay there,numb,unable to breath. A heavy feeling on your chest,your fingers begin to twitch,and you can move again.Physically,you look normal,nothing has changed. Inside,you are empty,the person you thought you were,isn't there. You've lost yourself.

You are still numb.

You wake with a taste of defeat in your mouth.  Pulling feelings from your mind that you remember so clearly from the night before,feelings that you thought were real,but it's the same trick your mind has been playing on you all this time. It's the fake happiness that you've been dragging out from the very back of your brain,and now instead of fooling those around you,you're fooling yourself into believing that you're ''fine'',or that you're ''okay''.

You've given up trying to keep all the things in your mind separate from each other. The line between your fantasy and your reality is weakening,and slowly you're losing everything that you knew was real about yourself,pieces of you are falling away at a pace that cannot be slowed,and soon you'll be left with nothing. You'll just be a body,you'll look the same,skin and bones,two arms,two legs,hands and fingers,lips and eyelashes,but inside you'll still feel empty.

Today is the fifteenth of June,and since the ninth of May,I have felt empty.

© 2010 Maggie

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You are describing sorrow. In what context or in response to what, is left unsaid. I don't know. What do you think? How do you plan to use it? If its a story, we need to know the context for the sorrow. Why are we sad?

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Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on May 9, 2010
Last Updated on June 14, 2010
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I write what I feel,it's not extraordinary,it's barely good,but it's what I write,and I can call it mine. What you see here is the real me. This is the person I hide away, and here I can let everythin.. more..

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