A Chapter by littletoes101

Chapter one to OWAF (Of Wolf And Lynx)


     It was silent. The forest seemed particularly dark that night, as only the sleek, gray stones on the side of the riverbank glistened. However, all was not as it seemed. Shining, reflecting eyes glittered like fallen gemstones, as creatures crouched unseen in the grass. The water made a few swishing noises as tiny, slim bodies waded through it. As if on an unseen signal, the creatures leapt at each other.

     Suddenly, the scene was alive with writhing, howling creatures. Wolf and lynx fought, tooth and nail, on the sides of the riverbank. A magnificent one-eyed golden-white lynx pinned down a large, dusky brownish gray wolf on the rocks.

     "Toby," snapped the lynx. "Why are you on Lynx territory? You know this side of the riverbank belongs to us!"

     "It has been yours for too long," growled the wolf. "After tonight, Micheal, the wolves will have won another territory."

     The lynx voiced his displeasure in a snarl, but stopped as he heard a shriek. "Look out," a young Warpaw called. "More wolves are coming!" Sure enough, the sleek, well-bodied wolves bounded across the river with ease, and launched themselves into battle. This gave Toby enough time to wiggle from Micheal's grasp and run away. Micheal spat angrily in his direction, but it wasn't enough. A screach from somewhere behind him made Micheal turn, just in time to see one of his comrades, a small wirey-haired female, pinned on her back by a dark brown male wolf, teeth bared, aiming for her throat. With a yowl, Micheal bounded over to her side, slashing angrily at the wolf. "Amy, run!" he snarled, biting into the neck of his opponent. The female got up, dazed, and ran off into the bushes.

The opposing wolf snarled and slashed the side of Micheal’s face. Growling very deeply and slowly, the lynx suddenly let out a startling cry and leapt at the wolf’s neck.

The wolf howled in pain as Micheal raked his long, dark claws down his face, and whimpering in pain and confusion, it bounded away. Micheal stiffened as he heard Toby’s voice, but relaxed when he heard him howling “Retreat! Retreat, Wolf!” The wolves struggled away from their opponents and bounded away across the river, but not without some spitting and yowling from the Lynx. As soon as it was clear that the Lynx had won, Micheal tilted his head back and yowled a winning yowl, letting the rest of his Warpaws chime in with his call.


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Added on May 18, 2010
Last Updated on May 20, 2010
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Chapin, SC

Well, I have been writing for a very long time. I like to write mostly about animals but I will and can write about people. more..

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A Chapter by littletoes101