My pain should not be yours

My pain should not be yours

A Story by lia

A short of girl arrested for the crimes of another


My mind was on the edge, senses on overdrive. People say not knowing is better than knowing. I say knowing whether or not I was going to survive or be killed is something I want to know. I live in a town where everything is punishable to the death. They thought of cruel unusual ways to kill an actual person. No matter if you weren't the person to actually commit the crime if someone in your family did it your guilty.  I, in my seventeen years of life have only backbitten a few times. In this cell pretending to be sleep holding my sleeping brother and sister close, I listened to the guard talk to the Sentencer.

“Their innocent.” Guard said.

“They might be but their parents aren't! Mrs. and Mr. Pomp were the worst criminals of this time they robbed, lied, and killed. They didn't care who they hurt not knowing they doomed their children to death. They-”

“They didn't doom their children to anything you did. You-”

“Don’t you dare interrupt me. They did doom their children to death. How do we know if their children won’t turn out just like them? All Pomps must die!”

I felt a chill run up my back. Biting and chewing on my lip to fight tears.

“That’s the point we don’t know and we won’t if you kill them you’re not giving Maria sha, Marcus, or Lana a chance!” He said raising his voice.

“They don’t need a chance!”

“Yes they do two of them are little kids eight and five. Five years old how could you kill a five year old? You can’t punish them for what their parents did. Their parents’ judgment has been served. They were sick people. Please don’t punish these kids. ”The Guard pleaded. I heard a smack and the Guard fell to the floor. I looked over at the Guard with shock I realized it was Sanoa’s son, Jayi; Sanoa was my mom’s friend. His face brought back memories I didn’t want to relive. When my mom was the only person I thought that loved me. Way before her and dad started their crime spree. Mom and Sanoa made me a Jayi play while they talked. A two year age difference is what separated us. Life was good then until I turned eight, literally the day after my birthday, they started their crime spree. I had responsibilities, an eleven year old having to watch a three year old, while our parents were out stealing and living their fantasies. My soulless parents. Chewing my lip again I thought of the worries I had of my parents. Heartless people. I, at age nine had to get a job doing what I could do. Having to pay bills! Buying food and clothes for two children! Only nine, with adult responsibilities. A thought that came back that plagued me too long. Why did they have children if they knew they didn't want to stay in one place and take care of them? Why bring three children this world to have them be tormented by your choices? Why? No answer, I've never got an answer. Why? I don’t want to die! I don’t! I really don’t. I chomped down on my lip with so much force that I thought I could taste the metallic taste of blood.  The tears didn't hold back this time. I heard I whimper. With shock I realized it was my voice. I didn't even care anymore as the shocking reality that they wanted to see me dead hit me like a ton of bricks.

“I don’t want to die” it came out as a whimper but turned into a shriek, “I DON’T WANNA DIE”I cried out as if my life depended on it.

“It’s not my fault nor my brother not my sister’s either. How can you people kill innocent children? “The lump in my throat grew to the point where I couldn't speak all I could do is cry. I’m supposed to be the strongest, the oldest, the leader, their anchor, their support. But look at me crying like a baby. This is it I stood up wiped my tears.

“Sentencer Janis!” I yelled over and over again until Jayi walked over to me and cuffed his hand over my month. His eyes pleaded with mine. Why does he want me to hush? I bit his hand with all my might.

“Ow”He yelped removing his hand to examine the bite. I started my call to Sentencer Janis again. Once again he put his hand over my mouth.

“Hush! Girl shut up please. You just don’t get it do you? He wants all Pomp dead so calling on him is not going to help. Arguing with him with not help. Telling him off defiantly won’t help. I’m trying to help you. Trust me, Okay? Trust me! I ‘m the only one you all can trust. I will protect you all Okay, You will not die on my watch. ”He said his eyes locked on mine. I did trust him I really did. All I could do was shake my head. He hesitated for a moment as if to make sure I was serious. He went over to the desk. I paced back and forth thinking about what I was going to do.

“Mari sha what wrong” Marcus said, I kneeled down by Marcus

“Nothing is wrong Mar mar.”

“Where ma and da?” he said frowning up.

“DEAD! In hell where they belong to burn for eternity.” Is what I wanted to say but instead I said “Gone but this time they-”the sound of a screech of the cell doors…opening. I looked to find Jayi opening the cell door.

“Jayi why would you do this? They’d kill you.” I said

“Yeah. I told you I was going to protect you and how could I do that with you in this cell. “He said his voice oozing determination. I walked over him and hugged him tight. He pushed me away grabbed Lana and put her over his shoulder.

“No time.” He grabbed our things and my hand. We walked into the corridor filled with tons of suspicious guards. Jayi squeezed my hand so tight it felt numb. I balled up my other hand and flung it to his face

“A feisty one ain't you?” He said as I kicked him repeatedly in the shins.

“I go down your sister goes down with me.”

WHAT? Did he just say that how dare he. Reading my hurt expression he whispered “Play along. I am so sorry. The guards will think I’m taking you to be sentenced. ”I smiled to myself as I realized he’d never try to hurt me. The door to the outside was not heavily guarded. Walking toward the door I could almost feel the cool autumn breeze. He opened the door and for a Nano second all my fear faded I was completely and utterly happy I felt good I felt as if I had been set free of this prison I call my life until I realized that I was want, on the run, fugitives. Now they really want my blood, want my heart to stop beating. 

© 2013 lia

Author's Note

this a short story that i have been working on plz give me harsh reviews. be honest

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when you said well, it kinda did, it took a bit away from the intense feeling of the story.
Otherwise great work. =)
Keep writing. =)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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mobile, AL

i love to write and draw. Me gusta mucho ecribir cuentos y dibujar. i am also learning spanish. yo bromista aka i like to joke. more..

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