A Story by allonsy_doctor

Her eyes stare widely at me, calculating me, determining if I'm telling the truth. She couldn't have forgotten me. Not her. Not Sarah. My voice fails me and I continue to stare as she does, my eyes damming the tears. Her mouth opens to speak, but she is as voiceless as I am, the stars changing her mind as they did with me. The Philosophy of it all was ingrated into her mind, remembering only this. As she looked at me, I could sense a hint of rememberance in her eyes, ones that teared at the slightest misconfigure of our relationship.

But now she remained tearless. Her sad, primitive nature had faded, and she remained alien to her former self. If mind and thoughts were like microchips, we could easily reprogram them with the silghtest figure of knowledge. But this was the new Sarah, and I had to except it openmindedly.

Voicelessly, as I had always been, I leaned in to kiss her, but she backed away, her mind turning. I could imagine what she was thinking, "Who was this man" and "Why is he trying to kiss me"? But it could only last so long.

Because Amnesia could rip a relationship apart piece by piece.

And because of this, Sarah would never remember me.

Her husband.

© 2009 allonsy_doctor

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Author's Note

A suble story of a relationship troubled by the wife's amnesia. A one-shot that was mean to be knowledgeable. I appologize for the length but still hope you enjoy it.

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What length???
This was a great story. I don't think I could point out anything I didn't like at the moment. Very moving and I liked the picture you chose.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was so good! It was sad, but the love that was entwined into it was beautiful. And now, I have gained a better knowledge of amnesia, so you succeeded in that respect. The emotion was good, the pace was good, and I even think the length was good. Add that all together, you've got a -great- story!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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A Chapter by allonsy_doctor