Summer Nights

Summer Nights

A Story by Olivia Schroeder

It is summer. I can smell it in the air with each breeze that flows through my window, rustling the curtains and soothing my sunburnt skin. The far-off sound of music can be heard with every car that drives down my street, filled with teenagers enjoying the freedom that these endless summer nights bring. I should be out with them, laughing and completely unconcerned of what may happen tomorrow but this beautiful moment is too captivating to pass by. During this late hour a person can notice for the first time the way the cool night breeze kisses our skin with every breath. Or maybe they first notice the way the distant beat of their favorite song can make them sway almost imperceptibly, unconsciously as they lie awake. The calm of this night is too perfect, too pristine to ruin. It is untouchable and it will remain that way until the dawn comes.

© 2020 Olivia Schroeder

Author's Note

Olivia Schroeder
I feel like I definitely could do a lot more with this. I kind of just ended it because I was unsure of how to finish it.

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Hi! I agree with your Author's Note - this seems like a beginning in search of more action. The imagery is lovely and familiar, somehow comforting to read, and I slip right into being you. Then I wonder what's next. Sometimes that's okay, but in this case I think you need a bit of conflict, action and reaction, you know? I personally need to focus on more than a summer breeze when I read a story. If you made this a poem, would we be more at ease with it? I don't know, maybe. Right now I'm still on that one thing = what happens next. You definitely caught my attention, and if you do any edits, I hope I see them. If not, I'm still glad I read this. That far off summer music is wonderful.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on May 19, 2020
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Olivia Schroeder
Olivia Schroeder

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