A Chapter by Lizardo

The story of L


L had never been on an airplane before, but he liked the idea of flying, the idea of seeing the world from a new perspective. He’d bought a window seat where he would have a clear view of the air craft’s wing, just like the Youtubers who made videos about their trips. The airport had a hot and humid feeling atmosphere, probably because of the coming air crafts that used most of their fuel. That was another thing, the airport smelled like gasoline, but L didn’t mind. L regretted bringing the big fluffy, hairy and warm sweater, he was a sweating ocean, sweating on parts he didn’t even know could sweat. The airport wasn’t crowded at all, yeah there were the passengers from L’s flight on the gate, but for being one of the biggest airports in the world, it wasn’t crowded like he’d watched on YouTube.

 He was once saw and old woman with a child holding her hand, the child had a penguin stuff animal wrapped with his arm against his chest. They reminded him of his adventures with his grandmother when they would fly to Los Angeles, the overjoyed feeling of being in the airplane felt like a blessing from God. For L, those were the days of glory, where nothing bothered him or made him feel sad, it was him and his grandmother and his stuff animal. L felt an uneasy feeling on his body, maybe he shouldn’t of had been so hard on his mother that was something that was bothering him, she didn’t want L to go away to another country to study, she wanted him to be with her on their native country with her, even though she never showed signs of being a mother. Even though all of that bothered him, he knew that his mother loved him in her own madness and that calm him down, but he had to say sorry to her.

So there he was, gazing at the airplanes that were landing, taking off or parking. The carrying bag cars were all over the place, even though there weren’t many airplanes at that time of the day, the traffic looked worse than a mad hour in New York. He had the funny thought of someone running over a bag or trip on it and fall. That made him crack a smile.

The day looked gloomy and surrealistic, the clouds covered the sky although some rays of light escaped the prison made by the clouds. It was one of those days where the majority of people would better like to spend it on their homes watching T.V or playing a video a game.

“All passengers from flight 732 with destiny to London please make a line by the stand, we’ll start boarding in five minutes”

L got up from his seat, hanging his fluffy jacket over his shoulder and carried his bag. The other passengers were fighting to get in line, some were pushing people out and others were fighting over their place in the line. L thought of how people lost their energies on such trivial things that didn’t matter, why fight for something that isn’t worth fighting for? He thought.

Finally airport security came and seized them. 

Poor guys L though, they'll lose their flight

After waiting in line and getting his boarding pass, he was finally sitting on his airplane seat, exactly where we wanted to be, just by the wing. 

L wasn’t a happy man, not because he had problems with people but because he didn’t find a reason to be happy in life.

Everyone he met would ask him the same question over and over and over again, at some point it got tedious for L:

Why don’t you look happy or why are you so silent?

L’s usual answer would be a phrase from a famous writer named Albert Camus:

“Some people waste their energy trying to be normal”

But in his mind, he always thought of it this way:

“Some people waste so much of their energies trying to be normal inside their heads that they forget about how it is on the outside”

Because it was easier for people judging by appearance than taking their time to talk to someone.

The airplane was already on the runway, waiting for its take off clearance. After two minutes, it happened.

The engines roar on the outside, the sound of the wheels moving against concrete, it was like hearing Beethoven’s fifth symphony for L.

The airplane finally took off, leaving the airport behind. L’s body pressing hard against his seat, he felt like someone was pressing hard on him. After the normal climb, then came the climb to their cruising altitude. 

The airplane tilted slightly down, L felt a bit dizzy from that.

After a while, the airplane was on cruising altitude. 

The mountains under him looked like toys from a children’s playground.

L kept his eyes wide open. It was something he never had experience before, he felt like a little boy in Christmas opening his presents. Such a euphoric feeling, overwhelming happiness, those were some of the feelings that L felt. 

Although L felt that on the inside, on the outside L was expressionless. He always looked at experiences and people like subjects on which he was running an investigation, although he never knew why. Maybe his expressionless face had to do with what he had been through in life or maybe it had to do with his fail love interests on the past, he wasn’t quite sure why, it was something that just happened, it was either overwhelming happiness or sadness. The emotions that make any human feel life are love and sadness, without them, humans would be empty turtle shells on a beach, no life in them L thought.


L decided to rest for a while, he was already feeling the effects of not sleeping last night. L couldn’t think in any other thing then being inside the airplane. 

So he closed his eyes and fell to sleep. 

After what seemed a while, he opened them. But something wasn’t quite right.

He was surrounded by endless fields of grass that glittered like gold, a sky that had no sun and a big tree with a women on a rocking chair under it.

L felt confused and scared, although he always looked for new experiences.  How did he get there? And why was he there? But he did feel curious about something, the woman sitting on the old wooden rocking chair. Her hair was dark like the night sky and her skin white like snow. She was wearing a white robed that covered all her body, exactly like the ones the used in the old Greece.

But there was something else, something L had never felt before and it was the feeling of being at home… All of his life, he never felt like home, he always thought that it was out there and now here he was, having that feeling of being protected, of being safe.

Without thinking it he walked towards the woman. He felt like he needed to go where she was.

“I wanted to ask why I’m here but I figured introductions were… unnecessary during this circumstances, so, why am I here strange woman?” Asked L curiously.

The woman looked like she was thinking about something, her eyes were closed. Then she opened them. Her pupils were as deep as the darkest sea on earth, you could easily get lost in them.

“Why are you here you ask, when the real question is, why did you come here? I see that your own troubled mind has brought you here” Said the woman in a calm tone. 

“I don’t know… one minute I was on the airplane and now I’m here, it’s true that even though I was finally fulfilling my dream of being on an airplane, there was something that was bothering me, I guess that there’s always something that bothers everyone, my past love interests that fail to succeed, my never ending debate whether I’m good or bad, the paranoiac thoughts that almost make me go crazy, why would the mind do that?”

The woman pondered on what L had said, finally she spoke:

“The question here is not why would the mind do that but why would you submit yourself to a lie?” Said the woman examining L.

“A lie? Why would I submit into a lie?”

“Look at the world around you, tell me what you see with your soul and not with your mind. Our minds can be our greatest friends and enemies, they play bad jokes on us pushing us to the edge, making us think stuff that aren’t real”

A leaf fell from the tree, falling beside L.

“Look at the leaf that has fallen beside you, do you think it thinks that it is a flower or a tree or even a human?”

“Of course it doesn’t! First all of they don’t think but if they did, they would know that it weas a leaf!”

“And if an animal or a human came to the leaf and told it that it was yellow or blue but not green, what do you think it would think?”

“That its nonsense, because it perfectly knows that it’s green and green will stay forever”

“Then why don’t you clear your mind and believe with what you think is right and good? Past love interests fail but those girls aren’t going to give you happiness and so if you’d become a boyfriend of theirs, what would you spend your time on? You wouldn’t be thinking nothing else but her and would be feeling sad or useless because you need them or her or someone to be happy? Your happiness depends on you and not what others think or what others think they see, time can heal everything and better of all, God can heal anything, and I know that he has a great plan for you and for everyone in the world, all of the experiences we go through as humans, they were made to be felt by emotions, some people get the easy treatment and feel like life is okay and don’t need much when in reality, they need much more inside them then they think, other fight every day and are every day dreamers, those too have problems but the decide to push them aside. It doesn’t matter if you belong to a certain group, what matters how you will be with other people, how you’ll talk to them, what you’ll make them feel, how you'll help them without thinking it twice" 

"Humans find it easy to point out the mistakes of other people, they used those flaws or mistakes to hide their own, like a blanket at night, it somehow, makes you feel protected" 

“Those are some real words of wisdom and It think I know understand better, I’ve created my own word, where everything I thought was bad is actually a lie… I thought people were simply bad and maybe there are some that are like that, but I can't see the world in black in white, I need to see it in a new spectrum, in a variety of  colors, we all have our mistakes... there's no cure in them, but we can make a white blanket to hide them, a blanket that is knitted by good deeds" 

The woman smiled. "You finally understand don't you? Don't let anyone tell you who you are, because if they don't know who they are, how are they thinking what is good for you?"

A moment of silence fell upon them. L got caught by how amazing the never ending grass field was, how it glittered, how beautiful it looked.

He saw a little blue bird land in a nest that was on ground. Little baby birds were squeaking, like asking the blue bird for something.

The bird gave them food, and after that, it left. 

"Some people are meant to be in your life for a little amount of time, that's why they go, it has nothing to do with us, it's how life wants it to be, sometimes we can't find an explanation to unnecessary goodbyes, when there is a Hello, a Goodbye is sure to follow" 

L Sighed. "But why does it have to be like that, why can't people just live in peace and never leave?" 

“ That's an answer that you need to find yourself, Look around you, pop out from the bubble, clear the fog and see the light, seek for truths and not for lies, 'cause many falls become they don't have eyes"

Those last words echoed. L opened his eyes. A shot of happiness ran through his body, he felt for the first time, happy, a real happiness, not a fake lie that he would tell himself to feel okay.

There was only one problem, the airplane was diving down. The people were screaming.






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This is a good write Lizardo. It sure got me thinking a lot. And your writing has become really mature.
Thank you for posting this. :)

- Moonlight

Posted 6 Years Ago

We don't need to cure our mistakes but learn from them - covering them with good deeds is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound but its a start I guess.
I was minded, at the end, of the fantastic Alanis Morrisette song "Ironic" (which ironically contains little scenes that arent truly ironic - lol - but the song is amazing nonetheless).
I loved the style of this and the telling was like reading a little book of calm.
Top write Lizardo.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Finish already! I'm finally a Senior now so things are going to change a lot

7 Years Ago

what ?? already ??
the time has flown. And now as Rizzo said to the rest of the Pink Ladies i.. read more

7 Years Ago

Jajajajaja Thanks Anto and indeed it has flown, but for now I just want to enjoy vacation jaja
A happy moment before he died. i like the story, with a twist. nice work.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Dani The Unreviewed

7 Years Ago

well, chances for survival are slim. xD but I'd like a sequel. :-) btw check for grammar stuff, you.. read more

7 Years Ago

Will do, by the way, did you imagine this one clearly, when you were reading? or had trouble picturi.. read more
Dani The Unreviewed

7 Years Ago

no trouble, it's kinda smooth.

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21 years now, Just another human in this world. I think I suck at writing, but yet I write to improve. more..

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