On My Way

On My Way

A Story by Lizardo

I'm on my way
I'm on my age
So young but so full of clouds
Without a house
I strive to fill the empty cup
That love left at my bar
Everyday was a war
But war is gone
We both parted ways
They agreed to shut up
So they did
They haven't tormented me since then
They haven't chained me since then
I understand, I finally understand
That love is about being who you are
It's about you not about any other person
I tried to survive society's vision of love
But I failed miserably
I finally understand
What the actual meaning of love is
So mind as well go to the mountains
And climb as high as I can
So that the villagers don't find me 
And try to bring me back
Love isn't a piece of leather which you used to cover loneliness
Real love means give full love to yourself
Not love people who hurt you 
It's hard, yes its hard
Everyday I sit with him
We play chess
Who ever claims victory first gets full control over me
But how are you going to win against yourself? 
Now, I'm on my way to full recovery
My mind is the debris of a fall empire
But God was good with one his sons
So he made the thoughts shut up
It's time to rebuild and be reborn from the ashes of my fallen thoughts
Like Phoenix before the morning comes
A new act of Democracy for us and for him a new way of life for both of us, for the three of us
First article in our constitution states the following:
-Loneliness isn't sadness, it's wisdom
-Real love means loving yourself
-False love is what other's make you believe
-We'll play chess on the afternoon, they are gone thanks to God
-We are happier and better on our own, in God we trust to find our Real "EvoL"
-Darkness has retreated out our space, so we're finally Free 
-Never use the word "Love" since society has made a bad used of it and in the wrong way too, we'll use "EvoL" Because it's love backwards, its the Other side of the mirror of the "Love" that Society and everyone has created and believed in. 

© 2015 Lizardo

Author's Note

Okay So About this one... this one is encrypted with a lot meanings, and it forms a part of my life, this one is very Special.
After you read it, I would really like to see what you think, it you know me pretty well or something, try to give a shot, but if not, then see if relates to you.
Thanks for your time, and happy 4 days before Christmas.

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This is a rather mixed-up series of statements and theories about love and not love. I know you say it's encrypted with many meanings, but most of them are lost on me. Especially when you are playing chess. Are you playing chess with Death? I'm sorry I tried but can do no better than that. take care...dan

Posted 6 Years Ago

So much in this one piece of work. As for finding and knowing love, good luck. Even now I question it's meaning as my love, due her culture does not use or feel comfortable with the word love.

But her actions show the love and care she has for me. No words are needed.

Sounds like coming out of a very bad time and you are on your way. Congratulations and well done for that and this work.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Self-love is an important part of growing up and being yourself. It is a hard journey, one I am still on. This poem captures the struggle and the hope very well. Great write!

Posted 6 Years Ago

It's time to rebuild and be reborn from the ashes of my fallen thoughts
Like Phoenix before the morning comes

How often these thought cross my mind.... so very well written Lizardo... hope you are doing good in life....

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like it a lot! Society has changed a lot of things including the meaning is love. This poem is truthful and sincere. I'm still trying to figure it out although I do know you pretty well because you're my best friend:) Wonderful piece, Lizzy! Stay safe and I'll tell you if I figure out the meaning anytime soon :) take care and happy holidays! Keep calm and write on :)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thanks Aless, and okay I must say that I made this one very cryptic lol xD
Thanks for your t.. read more
Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Lol yeah it's so hot down here. It's weird. It feels like summer

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21 years now, Just another human in this world. I think I suck at writing, but yet I write to improve. more..

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