The Meadows (Last Poem of 2015)

The Meadows (Last Poem of 2015)

A Poem by Lizardo

The last poem, Hope you like this one although I don't think its good, anyways, Happy new year!

Deep in the meadows
Deep inside a silent mind 
There is a place where we can hide
From the reflections of our mind

Dreams within Dreams
Years within years
Days within days
A struggle always comes near 

Fight against fight 
Fright against fright
Remember to always leave a light on
Or else you may be caught by them again

The year comes to an end
Our struggles come to an end
Our fight finally ceases 
Our thoughts are finally silent 
Our minds are in peace with ourselves

Deep inside the meadows
Deep inside the silent wind
Deep inside the unreal sun  
They make us think that there's something wrong
When in fact, they are the ones who don't get along

Hours withing hours
Life within Life
Happiness with the heart
A year the paints Art
Deep inside the meadows
We shall rest with ourselves

Love for love 
Happiness for Happiness
No more struggles from this day on 
No more fights from 12 Midnight on 

Let's enjoy our writing
Deep within the meadows
Where the wind is silent
Where the sun hugs us 
Where there is peace and happiness 
Where there is no fear
Under the tree of life 
Where it's shade shall cover us from our fears 

Let's enjoy our last piece of writing this year 
Let's enjoy with our families 
Let's enjoy with God

There's no space in the house
For a splinter to make us fall 
There is no space for sadness
To burst its away into us
Because today its about us and everyone
Today is a day of happiness and parties 
No one is permitted to fall this day 
Today we stand up high with our hopes towards the sky 
At 12 A.M we will be reborn

Let's enjoy our writing
Lets keep away the Anxiety
Lets keep away the hate
The paranoia 
Everything the hurts us 
Lets push it away 
And soon they'll go away
They'll give up on us 
So they'll remind silent 
For when we open the door again

You are the President of your mind (Quite don't know if you follow a democracy or anarchy in your mind) 
If you want to, you can make everything that hurts you go away
Just don't hug it and you'll be okay  

Lets enjoy the last hours remaining of 2015 
Lets finish of with our best of best
Let's all be a community of writers
With our best writing 
So that our writing can travel deep in the hearts of the fallen ones and the victorious ones
To everyone

Happy New year From El Salvador, lets all have a good time today!   

© 2015 Lizardo

Author's Note

In the poem, I sometimes say: Them or they, I'm referring to my thoughts or the thoughts that we all have that are like splinters, we feel like everything is nice but yet something is bothering us. I thank God that I'm finally leaving that torment behind and I hope that everyone too is.

Lets enjoy the new year! Happy new year from El Salvador to the World!
(And yeah, I've kind of had a Writers Block episode, so this is not my best writing, well I think it sucks but I didn't want to leave behind the old year without my last poem)
I would like your thoughts on this one!

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First of, really sorry for the late response to the read request. I know I am late by a year... and I am sorry.

And I really did enjoy reading this. I like the way you actually personified the thoughts and showed that people and thoughts are two different entities. It's nice. :)


Posted 7 Years Ago

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A nice way to end one year and begin a new one
Full or promise and love
and untied to pain or hurt from all that has passed

Posted 7 Years Ago

I will admit, I wasn't sure what you were referring to until I read your Author's note(not criticizing, I'm just saying). Anyway, with this poem, you ended 2015 in fashion, Lizardo. Everything you wrote, about straying for violence actions and thoughts, caring for family, friends and strangers, and putting our own troubles behind us for a brand new start explicitly defines what the start of a new year symbolizes. As your poem puts it, "let's just celebrate!":)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Great positive message to end the year. Well done. It had the feel of a death, which for 2015 it was. Nicely penned young man.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Lighting a light to ward off danger is a common defense. Lighting a light within our souls wards off many of the inner demons that try to drag our goodness to the brink, but never pushed over the edge. The premise of the piece is a peaceful meadow, which contains the essence of warmth, which keeps the light in our souls burning brightly. You didn't think this was a good write? Read it again, Lizardo...look for that essence of warmth, wrap it around your shoulders, then read it again. Hopefully you'll see the tactful nuances within each line. Nice job writing this piece, very nice. take care...dan

Posted 7 Years Ago

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This was extroidinary! Your words are so powerful and truthful, Lizardo. You write from the heart. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us readers. Happy New Year, my dearest friend and writer :)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Oh thank you Aless you are an extraordinary writer too! But I think you would like a lot the newest .. read more
Cool Girl

7 Years Ago

You're welcome! And I'll be sure to read it! :)
Sorry I missed reading it in the last year:).. Happy New Year my friend and what a lovely piece of writing...good one....

Posted 7 Years Ago

"Let's enjoy our writing
Deep within the meadows
Where the wind is silent
Where the sun hugs us
Where there is peace and happiness
Where there is no fear
Under the tree of life
Where it's shade shall cover us from our fear"

Beautifully written :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

The first grouping says it all. You have some very nice lines in this write. Have a great New Year too. Valentine

Posted 7 Years Ago

Powerful and beautiful use of words.
"Let's enjoy our last piece of writing this year
Let's enjoy with our families
Let's enjoy with God"
I liked the above lines. Have a safe and fun New Years. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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