Expect me: Ellie (Extracts)

Expect me: Ellie (Extracts)

A Story by Louisa Lavebaeck

Two extracts from the first chapter of my current project named Expect Me.

"She succeeded to eavesdrop on every conversation that was held in the ladies' restroom while she was hiding there, curled up on the closed toilet seat she hastened to lift up her feet from the floor as soon as she heard someone enter the lavatory. Many conversations about old nonsense gossip were held between women and not too seldom the conversations came to an end fairly abrupt as another woman, most likely the main character of the almost forgotten high school rumor, entered the restroom. Ellie could not do anything else than listen to the mean thoughts the former prom queen rivals exchanged, it was all ancient gossip they still would like to believe was true. As he had seemed to catch everyone's attention already back in high school, Mike's name was mentioned often in these conversations, more often than Ellie was comfortable with. As the new, much younger and less experienced, girlfriend of his she would like to believe that she was his one and only. The conversations revealed previously untold stories of Mike that Ellie had no clue of. He had been the typical high school jock surrounded by girls, proud coaches and rich parents. But Mike had rivals, of course he had " he was not the only boy at school. He had gotten in to more fights than anyone could possibly remember, and won most of them. He had also been such a heartbreaker that it was close to impossible to point out a girl at this very reunion that had not spent at least one evening with Mike in his car. They were all widely discussed topics, and because Ellie was the new mysterious girlfriend she got to hear most conversations about Mike turn into conversations about her. There were no kind words uttered about her in the ladies' restroom. For every single word spoken, she wished even more and more that she could just magically disappear into thin air. No one would miss her, she knew that.
Leaning over the counter and bringing the smell of cologne and sweat with him, he was close enough for her to be able to go in for that kiss she had been longing for since she first saw him. 
- Let's give it the time it takes, okay? He whispered into her ear.
Ellie had time to see him smile once again before he turned to serve the waiting customers. She did not have any pockets so she shoved the note into her bra, hoping that no one would notice and misunderstand the action. The water went down quickly and eased her stomach just the way she had hoped. Thankful for her high heels she could spot Mike standing not too far away, holding onto yet another woman. Ellie knew that it would be better to leave the bar without him, but she was not brave enough to walk home by herself at this time of the night. So, once again, she made her way through the crowd to grab Mike and pull him away from whoever he was talking to. It went fairly fast, and Mike did not even have time to realize what was going on until they were about to exit through the main door. He stumbled across the door seal while waving goodbye to the bouncers, then turning to Ellie. 
- Where're we goin', sweetie?
- Home, we're going home now, Michael. 
Ellie grabbed his jacket to make him move faster as she took the note out of its hiding place with her other hand. The bartender had scribbled his phone number onto the green post-it note, and never before had a single note made Ellie feel so special. She cast a quick glance at her boyfriend to see if he had noticed the note she was admiring. Looking back down at the smeared numbers, Ellie realized that it was time to get rid of Mike. For good."

© 2015 Louisa Lavebaeck

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Added on January 5, 2015
Last Updated on January 5, 2015
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Louisa Lavebaeck
Louisa Lavebaeck

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