For You

For You

A Poem by Charles Konsor

We all want to believe our children will love us
Hold us, kiss us, stay with us,
and wrap their little hands around our fingers
Big eyes watch big people with big love

But they're a squirmy type
Run away, out of our arms
No matter how far we stretch

Exploring dust bunnies in corners
Carrying shoes to bury in the sand box
They all, will all, run away

And you see then,
Perhaps they are not yours.

Individuals behind those big eyes
And we, again, are left to watch
Like past loves left,
Mother, fathers, gone,
And a thousand friends,
drifted away

We own no one,
Our children owe nothing
And we will all realize how little we are
How alone we are

And in that we must find some happiness
We must find some truth
For them, for us,
For you

© 2015 Charles Konsor

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I am here, in this place you describe so well.

Alone, in the middle. Alone as a son and a father.
Both drawing away, and having been drawn away from.

My father; me, a father and
My sons; me a son.

And do they see the writer's heart I wear on my writer's sleeve, my parents, my children. me, in the middle.

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Posted 17 Years Ago

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They never run far, the bond is too strong. I once watched my son wander away from me in the supermarket. He was five, five and a bit perhaps and previously had stuck to me like glue. He was in the centre aisle, occasionally darting into side aisles, then sticking his head back out again, checking I was still there. I pretended not to notice, then slipped into a side aisle myself, only for a few moments though, before re-emerging.

The look on his face as he came scampering back was a picture. He was spreading his wings; I knew that, and today, at 13, his wings are becoming ever stronger, but even though he will inevitably one day fly the nest, it is, I am sure, a truth that in his mind he will never run far; any more than the memories of loved ones passed, will ever fade to nothing.

I just love stanzas 2 and 3, they are a perfect capture of that most precious of all gifts.


Posted 3 Years Ago

i like the message, very true. life is a circle. people pay something forward. what a great flow, i just cant say anything. very great. salute you charles. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Great job, really relatable :)))

Posted 6 Years Ago

i always think about not leaving my parents alone because they didn't leave me alone, not ever
but this poem is real and no one knows what will come next
Amazing poem thank you for sharing

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is a somewhat wonderful poem, CK! Good to see that you are writing again. Does this mean that your future wife is back?!?!?!? That would explain you getting back to business.

I have some requests for Writer's Cafe, and I probably already sent most of them to you.

1) Try for a default picture on writing the colors of the rainbow in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. It is the tree again with a gradient rainbow that looks attractive.

We look a little outdated, and I would like to look better.

2) The capka is also to edit or delete a work to protect us from stolen passwords.

3) Sitemail is set up so you can look at just your friends, and emergency contacts, and it is also set up for magical email. If you say that an email is by magic, it goes into the magical directory so we can get bulk sitemail from the afterlife.

4) I see only AdChoices which I think is Google ads. Why don't you try giving them one of the three slots for advertising for something reasonable for about 50% of the top 100 list of authors for written history time on Earth. Try them getting the side panel, and authors get the bottom panel to advertise their work if they donate money. Hit up Google for something like 150 million dollars a year to be available with no sound on the side panel of Writer's Cafe, something worth your time and also worth the advertising they will get from where I post magic and the End of Time story. Don't be a chump with the money.

The top banner should be rotating ads that you pick!

5) You should be able to follow the postings of somebody that is not a friend like people who applied to be my friend but got magical or hacking errors.

6) Try updating the types of writing to include: scientific report, document, and help file.

The rest of the updates should follow from this!

7) In your section, please tell us which authors you think are listed in the top 100 since there was writing!

Does this work for you?

And, I want to apply to be a moderator and warn you that I might go off on people and be disrespectful as well!

Posted 6 Years Ago

So kind... so beautiful... I love this poem :)
Keep it up!! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wow a very true poetry...from heart...happens with most of the worries...parents are always there to support their child doesn't matters they are with them or not

Posted 7 Years Ago

This poem is very powerful and a sad true.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Oh my bad I meant to say this poem is very powerful but it is true my friend very true.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I love this poem very powerful a me yet sadly true.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Charles Konsor

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