A Poem by Charles Konsor

The tea half drunk,
The tags ripped off,
The room now empty,
Save me and my memroy.

I shiver despite the heater,
My body confused.
Calm now,
Angry now,
Fearing the future now.

The night will be sleepless,
My mood never fixed.
Take the pictures down quick.
Remove the words you wrote,
Not so long ago.
"I miss you already."

Now new words:
"Goodbye, Charlie."

Oh, why must you use my name?
Why must you say it with those red eyes?
Why must you hold me so long?

And now I hear footsteps on the porch,
And I hope.
I listen for the door,
Anticipate the key I gave you.

I imagine an embrace, 
Imagine words of regret,
Barely heard through sobs.

The footsteps are still now,
I hear the keys shake.

For three moments I wait,
Before the neighbor's door opens,
And the footsteps disappear.

© 2015 Charles Konsor

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Such anticipation; the heart leaps, beats faster; you pray for the door to open; but then comes the let down, the fall back to the reality that it really is over.

A poem that many can relate to, and so very well articulated.


Posted 2 Months Ago

Your work is deep and amazing. keep it up

Posted 7 Months Ago

Well damn. You just HAD to do that to my day, didn't you? Fine, I'll switch to the other album and think of then.
Very nicely done.
Thank you.

Posted 1 Year Ago

The waiting/hoping for them to come back... I think you captured that nervous feeling so well.
I enjoyed your poem.

Posted 1 Year Ago

test a review to see if cach thing occurs or not

Posted 1 Year Ago

Charles Konsor

9 Months Ago

testing stuff that happens
Charles Konsor

9 Months Ago

testing agian
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Charles Konsor

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